And the Pendulum swings..

..the other way..

With a simple respec of my Powertech Bounty Hunter, TOR became enjoyable and exciting again, even if it was for a short time. I like it when my games are fun and exciting BUT not addictive; for when its not addictive I don't feel the need to (obviously?) play all the time and abandon other areas of life.

Although there are alot of things that bother me with TOR and thus have decreased my time with the game, it would be unfair to not talk about a few things that I enjoy.

Strong Storyline
Different for each class and i've found, in particular Nar Shaddaa, different quests for different class specializations (ie. Sith Assassin vs Sith Sorcerer). Thats a nice touch.. especially since there is exact class mirroring between factions. Not to give away spoilers, but the Imperial Agent will be searching for terrorists that blew up an Imperial cruise killing thousands of civilians, while the Sith Inquisitor is looking for important artifacts for their sith master.

Something is just wrong with this picture..

I think in life in general, people do better when they have a choice. You can tell me to do the dishes right now and ill be a bit resistant. But if you tell me if I can do the dishes between x time and y time, I will choose the time to do it and do a great job and have less resistance to it. TOR does a good job of giving the player decisions to make in the game. Better still, some decisions branch out with different results later. For example, my gf decided to kill a sith prisoner which was the son of an important npc, while I decided to let him go. When we went back to our individual instanced area, the npc attacked my gf for killing his son while he was estatic that I helped his son.

Although a bit hard when only using your first companion (b/c the droid that comes with your ship is pathetic) that may not be of the same dark/light alignment as you are, being able to choose an outcome really makes you care about your character. It makes me think twice when I play my 'light side' sith assassin when people betray me as it makes me think twice about punishing people and instead try to be more merciful and spare them. It upsets my companion, but I follow the type of way I believe my character would act in that situation.

Space combat
Although becoming a bit tedious as there are only 5 different missions right now that are exactly the same each time I play through, it reminds me of the game Freelancer. Good experience and good money, not to mention a currency that can be used to purchase high level goods. 

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