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Apparently to be implemented into the future: Anti-Aliasing


I didn't understand when I first read it. A blogger complaining about how much back-and-forth unnecessary walking there was in SW:TOR. I'll be the first to confirm that there are alot of open spaces in the game.. but possibly created to give a sense of size and enormity unlike the cities in Skyrim which are rather small and compact.

Then it happened to me.

My sniper was done destroying the terrorist cell in Nar Shaddaa and was tasked by a dark lord of the sith to track down a man of great importance with connections to her murdered father. From the ship, back to Nar Shaddaa, capturing the person, back to the ship, talking to the Keeper, travelling to Drommund Kaas *gasp* from the docking area, to the spaceport, to the taxi, to the taxi end point, into the capital city, another taxi to the Sith hq, talk to the dark lord. Hand in lousy quest for a pat on the head. Taxi back to main plaza area, walk to next taxi area, take taxi to the spaceport, spaceport to the docking area, enter ship, use the holoterminal to find out which planet to go to next... etc etc etc!

Simply.. too much walking. Fail.

Oh and 40k in credits just to learn how to fly a speeder? Gimme a break.

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