Dark Ascension: Articles

Oh no; I waited too long and before I started writing this entry, 2 additional articles were posted on Wizard's website for more information on MTG's Dark Ascension...
The first article talks about a tap-able artifact that decreases the cost of flashback spells. I never really made a flashback deck, mostly b/c I didn't have enough Burning Vengeance's, spells with flashback from prior blocks, nor found too many good flashback cards in Innistrad. Maybe though, its not about the utility of the spell itself, but just triggering flashback so that Burning Vengeance can do it's job.
 The second article titled, My Increasing Devotion, talks about the author's love of token decks and how there will be some choice cards in DA that'll help fuel those kind of decks. I made a token deck myself made up of cards that pumped out tokens, ones that sacrificed them to (normally) do damage, or to be gobbled up by my Mycoloth to (hopefully) win the game. The purpose was to be good at free for all games by biding my time, slowing down damage and then attack relentlessly when I had a horde of tokens to use. Probably would be better if I had a few equipment to make them stronger... I don't think tokens is my playstyle though.
 The third article.. **reads it... eyes growing larger and larger**.. talks about how Sorin Markov, everyone's favorite vampiric planeswalker helped create the angel Avacyn! One thing I love about Magic is the rich storyline and how everything comes to be. It usually works out, but I like to make tribal-like decks that revolve around a type of creature; whether it is Elementals, Goblins, or Leviathans, its usually all the same kind of creatures. I'm like those Pokemon trainers that Ash had to face off against that all had the same kind of creatures. It all had a general theme.
 **reads the last article**
Well.. I think I know ill be making a Flashback deck now.. won't we?
Card advantage is one of the major themes to deck creation i've been concentration on these days.. and this will help it! 

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