There can be something to be said that the leveling system in mmo's like Star Wars has it right. In that, your character starts with a small assortment of skills and slowly gains a few skills throughout their lifetime. In not swamping the player with all the skills, all at once, the player will learn to master the skills. 

My passion for Star Wars has been rekindled over the weekend when I started playing with my initial solo (vs the one I only played with my gf) character. It had been ages (2+ weeks easily) in which I even did a space mission with my Sniper. I decided with my upgraded pc, it would be a good time to test out pvp. It was a mistake, I didn'remember my skills, how they worked, how my talents were specced, nothing. I'm not a total noob at games though and managed to stay in the middle of the pack and provide decent dps.

Bottom Right area: Datacron!
It took a good couple hours of pve to determine what was the best configuration for my hotbars.. once again it was a poignant reminder that Bioware really needs to do something about a customization UI, as I tend to use 3+ horizontal hotbars at the bottom and don't like using vertical hotbars on the sides of the screens.


I wonder if dark side characters in the universe that was Star Wars noticed the change in their appearance as they got more evil. 

I noticed to my horror last night, that my Sniper started getting veiny cracks at the sides of his eyes and mouth. It was ugly to say the least and nothing like the scars or facial blemishes you add during character creation. I quickly checked my darkside points and saw that I was less than 100 points from reaching Dark II. Making this connection, my character decided to be a bit less bloodthirsty and a bit more merciful and a few quests later his skin was nice and smooth again.


There needs to be a bit more variety in armor and helmets in Star Wars. My bounty hunter had the same Cyclops-like helmet for over 13+ levels and only at the end of the Nar Shaddaa quests was he rewarded with a new spider-like helmet. 

I've never seen a helmet drop from loot yet and have only seen one or two other helmets available from different vendors.

Without color dyes, everyone tends to look the same and thats a bit sad.

In a galaxy far, far away.. everyone had the same color clothes.

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