Diablo 3: An Adventurer In Need

Diablo 3, while a great game, could use some improvements in some areas:

A button to sell all the trash gear. Later on, we'll only pick up blues and better, but if we're the type to pick up everything, a convenience button that lets us sell the trash would be very helpful.
A dedicated dye dealer so I can be even more poor since I like to turn my magic items into dust.. for my tomatoes.. My gf doesn't craft and has nearly 10 times more gold than I do. There is an achievement for using dyes though (dye each part of your gear at one time).
MORE random blacksmith/gemcrafter recipes to drop off monsters. I've never seen any recipes fall yet and maybe it should be something craftable (the recipe that is via money or the resource from salvaging). A great way money/resource sink would be to make certain lvls of your crafter be able to make a random RARE piece type; whether that is truly random, or like the current system where it is like [Random Chest Piece: 2 enchantments]. Although i've seen rare recipes, I believe its only for certain gear parts and not every part that a player would need. That would make crafting even more addictive and exciting.

More useful followers. I found my pet in Torchlight was much more effective than my followers in D3. My pet could fight and do decent damage, I could equip them with a unique spell, it could hold items, use gear to buff it, and run back to town to sell. I thought Blizzard would steal that idea and make followers better; I see my templar struggle with one enemy at a time. Its basically my heal bot. The only thing my templar can do is make small talk with my barbarian... whoopie. 

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