Diablo 3: You know what would be cool? Playing.

Just fyi.. I'm going to be a bit random here..

And... so many connection issues with Diablo 3 servers tonight.. in credit to Blizzard, I did install the game and log in the first time with no issues. No gray screens *KNOCKONFREAKINGWOOD*.. through about an hours worth of game time.

Got to a major boss.. defeated it... and then the game disconnected... BLAH!
I'm curious of how often the game saves your progress.. ill find out when I am able to re-log back in; will be looking for the Saber of the Eagle that i picked up 2 seconds before I disconnected.

Its a great game.. nice innovations.. and still feels like the Diablo 2 that you played 10 years ago.. in a good way. Except for the graphics.. i'm at full everything and I kinda expected better graphics.. oh well.. still rather pretty.

If you like having a horde of spiders do your dirty work, then the Witch Doctor is totally your class. I know I said i'd play the Wizard first, but I wanted to give it a try being a pet class. Pretty sick; they start off early with an aoe dot that has grasping hands that snare and damage enemies in the area. Blizzard totally nailed the creepy vibe that is the Witch Doctor... although he does talk like a scholar.. Fyi; you can't change the appearance of your character, only the gender.

Some funny quotes from the Twitterverse:

"error 37, 75, 3003... ok I'm starting to get the pattern here" ~gomfucius

"Diablo 3, always online, except when you want to play" ~boothninja81

"if my girlfriend went down as much as D3, I'd be the happiest man alive" ~intellilogic

"i was having a great time playing Diablo 3, then I took a DRM to the knee" ~beelandj

"well Diablo 3 servers are down. Suppose ill go take a shower lol" ~psykio

Good ol' Blizzard, helping us with our hygiene issues..

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