Diablo 3: Error! Does not Compute!

In hindsight, I kinda wonder why I made a special effort to leave for work earlier so that I could hopefully pick up Diablo 3 at my local EB Games. It was unfortunately not open yet and I rushed to work a bit paranoid that I wouldn't be able to get a copy when I had time during my lunch. I actually went during my break to snag a copy... which there were many of. 

Then you see the news that the servers are overloaded with an error37.


lol. More like a *shrug* "meh."

We shouldn't be upset at such a thing, as we need to approach the Diablo 3 launch as a launch similar to (but possibly even more popular than) the most highly anticipated mmo. Say 'maybe' Guild Wars 2. I'd go out to even say that D3 will have even more people playing it than GW2.

In saying that then, there is always launch day issues. Overloaded servers.. massive lag, and huge queues is the norm. Except with Rift which had some rather huge queues for the first week.. more mmo launches are rather rough. 

BUT "D3 isn't an mmo" we scream/whine. That is true; this is the way of the future, being required to be connected to the internet constantly, even if we are playing single player *coughSTEAMcough*. This is the part I don't particularly like; ok the servers are overloaded and we can't play online with other players: that is acceptable. But I would like to play some offline D3 and totally understand I can't transfer my character or gear to my online character even if it is the company's 'fault' for not having enough servers to handle launch day capacity. 

And that is exactly how it works for Heroes of Might and Magic 5; if you cannot connect to the internet, you can still play Homm5 singleplayer. The game will not track your progress and earn any rewards, but atleast you still get to play.

The inability to play even the single player offline-mode without any transfer over for D3 is a bit disheartening for me. Thats why i've learnt not to take vacation days for launches of games, unless it is a totally offline game that doesn't require internet connection.

Take heart fellow gamers; Blizzard is one of the better companies out there and are probably doing their best to solve this issue for their legions of fans.

And as I write this, looks like most people are able to log in fine now.. and the game is very good.

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  1. You can play Steam games offline. You need to be online ONCE and launch the game. Which really shouldn't be a hurdle considering you have to download the game in the first place.