A different take on the Elder Scroll MMO announcement

Despite the fact that everyone is having their take on the announcement of the new Elder Scrolls MMO and I possibly play more Skyrim than anyone else, I don't have much opinion on the matter.

I fully enjoy Skyrim, even with all it's flaws. I enjoy mmo's for the social aspect of it. At this stage in my life tho, I kind of enjoy single player experiences that simulate the mmo experience b/c it makes you want to play instead of insisting that you play.

What do i mean by that?

If you are taken away from Skyrim due to other games or other responsibilities in RL, thats ok; the game and your progress will still be waiting for you with no penalties. An mmo almost forces you to play constantly/as much as possible. How? Well, there is always the rush to get to max level. Our greed makes us want to get the best gear, the coolest mounts and be the strongest. Our ambition makes us want to always win (whether it is via scenarios, or world pvp). If you're not playing constantly, you're not doing any of this and will lag behind those that do. Some developers find ways to make it balanced, but its a truism that those that put more time and effort into the game, will generally be stronger than people that don't.

In my youth, my only real hobby was playing video games and in hindsight those countless hours have been wasted. I truly could have accomplished something or made myself better. I see those that play so many hours and feel a bit of pity that they cannot see it themselves. This fact, helps reign in my own desires to play countless hours and do something a bit more constructive instead.

So while i'm intrigued of a new mmo to a favorite series of mine, I give a shrug knowing that eventually I may stop playing mmos for the blackhole which is addiction and dependence. Life is the real mmo, with real results and rewards.

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