Diablo 3: Friend System Weakness

Per the above, DotP 2013 is coming out soon; only 10$ for the standard edition, 20$ for the special edition for fanatics. Looks like it has a Planechase mode and uses cards from the recent Innistrad block.


Lets talk about Diablo 3 for a moment; I simply do not like it when people join your game and they are 10+ levels higher than you and the rest of your group. Its obviously no challenge to you, since you're so high level and you don't even need the gear that drops at this point. It becomes pointless for us because you are killing enemies too fast. If I was the type of gamer that just was in it for the instant gratification, then this would be great; just follow you and wait around for easy xp and loot. 

But I'm not. My game has been corrupted now.

What was a semi challenge in Nightmare mode has become just as easy as Normal mode with you flying 4 screens infront of us because we can't keep up. And you're ignoring most of the map, just bee-lining directly to the boss and teleporting us there. 

This is the weak leg to Diablo 3's friend system: if your buddy has friends that likes to use their incredibly high level character and joins your game, there is no way to stop them. It becomes an awkward situation to tell them when they don't have any other characters to use. I wish there was a way your could customize your 'room' so that you could restrict the type of players from joining your game, b/c now I have absolutely no urge to play anymore.

I guess I'll wait for Borderlands 2 and X-Com: Unknown Enemy.


  1. was wondering if there was a way to contact you. I don't see any way to email you or facebook or twitter. Thanks


    1. i don't normally publish it ;)

  2. i hear ya... however, i really want to throw my two cents in here.

    this "rushing through" might stem back to the diablo 2 days.

    in D2, we had 3 goals:
    1) create a hardcore character
    2) get "rushed" by a higher level friend from act 1 normal to act 4 hell
    3) farm all the bosses at all the wp's

    it was ALL about wp's back then.
    if you had them, you could do endless farm runs and hope for awesome loot.

    today, with D3, even though the loot system has been killed due to the AH, you still need those wp's. after you've completed normal mode and finished the game... why would anyone want to crawl through nightmare and hell - when the end goal is really just to get to inferno (where all the ilvl 61+ gear is or will be).

    i cant stress this enough - wp's!

    if i had all the way points from normal to inferno, i would give them to my friends and then they in turn would give them back to my other characters. all you really need to do in nightmare and hell is farm, farm, farm (if you don't want to spend the coin in the AH). by farming bosses, you get the absolute most xp to level up and better loot.

    i saidz it!!



    1. yeah; i totally understand, and alot of people are 'rushing' with their friends to 60 so they can play inferno and get the best gear. The problem is, thats not my objective; my objective is to just play, have a challenge at all times, not just go for end game and end game loot.

      I did find a way to correct this via the social button in the options window which may be a bit too late as i'm now bored of it.