X-Com: Your Wildest Fantasy Come True

I seriously will need a new pair of pants now that I've seen this article.
One of my earliest exposures to turn-based strategy games.. X-Com was one of my most beloved games. It was very hard and I rarely won a map without losing all of my soldiers.. but it was incredibly satisfying when I downed an alien.

By the way, this isn't the same X-Com game that you've read about before and are incredibly disappointed with; this is going to be like the old X-Com you know and love. October can't come fast enough now!

Go here for the official website and more information!


  1. I remember playing the old X-COM games, mainly X-COM:Apocalypse. However I never put as much time into it as I wanted, even then too many games, too little time. I'm really looking forward to this 'relaunch' and giving X-COM another go.

    1. I didn't play too much of the original, but I played Terror From the Deep and tried them all when they were on sale on Steam. I find its hard to go back to games with old graphics and systems; we're blessed with many technologies and advances now ;)