MMONBI: Newbie Cleanup

Removed a few blog sites from my blogroll that I got from the MMONBI master list.. b/c there were so many, I didn't do a background check on each site and somehow had added a golf club website (gamingbrew.com)..??? Very weird. Like I wrote about before for my advice article, I don't like it when people are uncouth or swear in their entries.. doesn't make you sound very mature. But otherwise there are a ton of great new blogs out there, keep it going!


Check out this article about this suit of armor hoody!

It screams nerdy, and I so want to get it.. but will never wear it out in public... mayyybe for ComicCon and hopefully impress some girls that likes nerds. Lol.

This article talks about some uncommon equipment that you'll find in the new Magic 2013 Core set. Normally, I dislike the Core Sets, finding them a waste b/c they recycle the vast majority of the cards and normally not containing enough good cards to warrant a buy. 

I then looked at this equipment and had the same response "meh." But then I looked closer, my eyes widened and "woah! That ain't too shabby!" Who really cares about the haste.. but +1/+1 counters on the equipped creature IF its red? Thats pretty cool.

//edit: well.. it certainly feels like they reprint alot.. apparently they pare down the duplicates each year..

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