Explanations for the Previous

Soo.. lets clarify yesterday's entry; what made playing (in particular) the Mesmer make me nearly (partying with the gf made it much more enjoyable) lose interest in the class and more terrifying, the game itself!

1. Not knowing the skills to use in solo pvp
- although I was able to get a true level 80 invader to 25% hp, it was all due to my confusion ability and didn't really know what other skill to use

2. Getting hit twice by catapults 
- in Kessex Hills zone, there is a centaur camp that has (rather smart) catapults
- it was only the second time to experience getting hit by one catapult, and fall onto the floor, only to get hit by another catapult
- while it didn't result in a death, it was incredibly annoying

3. The frailty of the Mesmer shown in Personal Quests
- there is a part in the PQ where you help the Vigil protect a small outpost in Kessex Hills from hordes of Risen undead
- by itself/solo, the Mesmer (at low levels atleast) seems to be very underpowered
- by time I had to face off against the ONE veteran, all the npcs were dead and I couldn't find a proper way to dispatch it
- I ended the PQ prematurely by running out of the zone 
- while when I had done the same PQ with my Guardian, he barely broke a sweat

4. Krait respawn rates
- getting killed by Kraits in an area in KH that was respawning FAR too fast
- I would kill 3, then another 4 would take their place

5. Getting owned in WvW and the severe lack of people doing it
- I think our server has become accustomed to winning and it has caused us to deal with losing badly to the point that they give up or atleast become more disorganized

An mmo isn't made with the intention of solo play; it needs to have that option, but has the gentle invisible nudge to play together. Thats why playing in even a party of 2 made the Mesmer more enjoyable. Not getting attacked and being able to more freely use his confusion ray and other skills, made him much more effective.

While experiences such as yesterday lead me to believe that (atleast at low levels) the Mesmer isn't necessarily made for solo play(my Guardian will go out of his way to agro 5 enemies 'just to be efficient'). Knowing that had I been a true 80 (if I ever get there) with half decent gear, I would have been a force to reckon with in WvW/PvP.

Then you have today and you get some wicked armor from completing Heart Quests.. and the game turns around for you. Absolutely loving my new sinister looking Mesmer; before he looked a little too effeminate for my liking. For the longest time, even till your mid 40s, your character may not look too impressive. The trick is to right click on the Heart Quest reward gear, even if it is weaker than the gear you have on. By using your transmutation stones that you get from Dailies and getting 100% map completions from towns, you can look quite formidable in earlier levels (whether you want to waste consumables on that is another story).

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  1. Mesmers are effeminates. If you want something not effeminate, try norn warrior (female or male, both will not be effeminates...).



    Mesmer is not a good choice for who is new to the game. Engineer too is not a good choice for who is new to the game. If you are new to game, better try other professions before you get the "setting".


    There is a good way to solve that problem with centaur catapults: DESTROY THEM! That catapultas are 100% burnable...