The Urge

Dear Gaming Gods,
Please give me the strength to stick with only two characters in Guild Wars 2. Each class that I have has their own draws and the alt-aholism (which I attribute to the Robot Devil) makes it very hard to stick with one character. I just want to have one level 80, then i'll go crazy with the alts. I promise.

Would like a shirt like this lol.


  1. I have the same problem. But I was strong so far - thanks to the linear leveling system - and my main is now lvl 75. Can't wait to start the rogue though...

  2. I have 5 toons, one each race. Two toons are level 80.

    If you are a completiotinist, I advice to create each toon with a diferent race. Tehre is one achievement you get completing each race story arch.