A Whole New World

Guess what?
I really never understood that 'joke' or reference when my coworker told it.

Anyways; great fantastic, amazing news: We've switched to cable internet and its as fast as it was advertised. No longer does one need to start a video, pause it right away to let it buffer. No longer do I avoid Steam purchases for fear that it'll take over a day to download. Now there is no pressure to sneak some gaming in before one of my siblings come home and causes massive lag. Welcome to the future; i'm never going back to the type of internet plans I had before.

My good friend Kossi sent me some mail yesterday and she wanted me to post a picture of how I look; it was Midnight Fushcia.. which as you can see is a wicked dark purple. Still trying to find the right color that will mix well with it. Maybe a red.. or gold. Maybe its just the cheapo armor I have on where the color doesn't seem to pop out at you.

 By the way, one of the coolest (and unique) features of Guild Wars 2 is the ability to both chat and send mail to people in different servers. So altho Kossi and I are in different servers, we're still able to send each other mail (her dyes to me, and I sent her some birthday cake). Come the 28th, ArenaNet will be implementing guesting, meaning you no longer have to change servers to party with your friends (if they're on all different servers), and can just join their server for that session of gameplay.

Don't know how many people (doubt any of my friends are) following the card previews for Gate Crash.. but there are some wicked cards.. although i'm waiting for a cool Kraken-type card to add to my Kraken themed deck. Krakens totally fit the Simic (green-blue, watery experiment) theme.

Elusive Krasis! I choose you!

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