Its been a lonnnng time since i've written an entry (in my blogging world) and I attribute it to a very frustrating experience i'm having with my internet. Last week, we were without internet for two days and I spent it watching episodes of Homeland with Claire Danes and the guy who played Captain Winters from Band of Brothers. I absolutely love Guild Wars 2, but am thankful that i'm not addicted to it that it was only slightly missed versus some sort of crippling experience. In the times that it WAS working, I have been able to swing dungeon runs with guildies (a good reason, but not the only to be guilded), Twilight Arbor and Citadel of Flame when not beset with lag that would make you cry in a pool of your own tears.

Fear not though; my household is switching to cable internet this week which could increase my speeds anywhere from 3-18 times faster than what it currently is.

 I've always been a solo mmo-player, as ironic or counter-intuitive as it sounds. While it doesn't seem to be an uncommon case, an mmo is meant to be played with people, rather than as a solo experience. I've always generally partied with my girlfriend which always increases the enjoyment tenfold. After all these years, we've taken 2 more steps that have enhanced that enjoyment: 1) using skype/teamspeak, 2) becoming guilded.

It might surprise many of you, but I personally haven't ever felt the need to use skype/teamspeak or some kind of voicechat while playing mmo's as my job 8 hours a day, 5 days a week is purely technical support on the phones. So any time not being chained to a headset is relief. But if you haven't done it yourself, its something I'd highly recommend trying with your friends. Its easier to communicate to your party members (say if they go in the wrong direction, or explain things quicker) and it leaves your hands to play the game instead. It really changes the way that you play and makes you more effective.
I've been in a few guilds in mmo career and was the GM of the one in Warhammer Online but i've also never felt the urge to be in one. Probably stemming from the part that I've played all the time with my girlfriend, so I always had someone to travel and quest with. We normally weren't interested in dungeons, but had we been, it would have been a bit difficult(if not a unpleasant experience) to pug. With all the responsibilities (and they aren't even that stringent) of being guilded, the benefits far outweigh them. They are not only a group you become close with but also become a great resource; you'll never be alone essentially. Someone is bound to have the answers to your questions and there will be those that will join you in questing, dungeons or organize pvp.

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