Release the Flying Kraken!

I asked for it and then a few days later it was up on an article at the Wizards Website.
This will be perfect.. as I typically lack fliers in my Kraken(slash Leviathan) deck. Coupled with the fact that my Kraken has a high emphasis on mana ramp (I use up all my lands).. we could be looking at an impossibly huge creature. I do miss the unblockable or shrouded krakens though as it'll be a juicy target to be used against me.

Just an updated pic of my mesmer.. I like how the Midnight Fuscia matches my skin color.. but I personally like the white and gold color combination better.. white looks great tho. I understand the reasoning to it, but I would prefer to be able to see my enemies dyed in the color that they chose and not depending on the color of their server side(fully red, green or blue). Its cooler to make a name for yourself if they can identify you by your look and color: "oh no, white and purple? thats probably that unkillable mesmer!" or "hey guys! easy kill! its that kamikaze mesmer!" Fyi, currently its the latter lol.

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