Leslie Rocks

Yes, yes she does. And now the world knows it!
She's the talented artist that created my top banner! Very, very cool!

Tome Unlock: Title: The Scorpion Squisher

Tier 1: Chrace (but essentially in Blighted Isle)
Coords: 4k, 63k
Kill the Champion scorpion, get the unlock =)

This is what happens when you hang out with soldiers of chaos for too long; your arm mutates!
Mauraders have nothing on me!


Barak Varr Unlocks

Welcome Addicts, for I accept you as the tome-unlocking-one-more-quest-and-I-level-wait-its-2am-already freak that you are. =)
Well... this is THE MOST user UNfriendly way of posting at all....... (tried to post a pic of Lair of the Reaver, but impossible to see on the image) For something that should have only taken 2 minutes.. it took alot longer... grrrr

Title: Spider Slayer
Use that broken statue as a landmark. Basically north east of the Barak Varr entrance.There has to be an easier way to add photos... sorry that its short


Awww that wasn't part of the deal!

Added myself to the Warhammer Alliance forum of bloggers... dunno what that really does. So many accounts... o.O;;

Anyways; was wondering how people had blog rolls and couldn't see parts of it due to work privacy (curse you work! foiled again.. making me take calls and stuff).. added some blogs I read on a daily basis almost.

I'm getting my guild buddy and RL coworker to see if she can make a nice banner for me.. goooo artistic friends! :D


Artistic talent wanted!

Lol; i've had personal journals and a xanga blog for many years and now this. I think I write some pretty profound articles. And I'm not one of those people that will have those sappy or comment provoking articles.

I Used to Think Boys Didn't Have Feelings"
How to Detect the Early Signs for Weird Kids"
Are we girls wrong?"

Guh. Those articles, though well written are designed just to generate traffic, comments, and for people of like-mind, just to agree with that person. Ego boost.
/stops from making this into a rant

Thats what makes us gaming specific blogs more personal/honest. I've read quite a few blogs, from
Blame the Healer, to Bootae Bloody Blog, and Wizards and Wenches. We talk about our passion. And we do it b/c we love it; we breathe it. We don't do it to get lots of traffic or ego boosts (tho its a nice thing).

Anyways I've been described as a great trainer and information officer at work as I can (and have)created many logical, thorough, and easily understandable work guides for my peers. One thing that i'm deficient in is art. I cannot draw for the life of me. I admire Bootae's blog as he has a nice banner thingey of his chosen which fits his blog.. I just want a pretty tome of knowledge or maybe one of those footprints leading to an X or something... lol

I'll check with some more artistic-inclined friends and see if they can make something for me =)


Ooooh Shiny Penny

This site is designed to have an objective (but super happy fun) outlook on Warhammer Online. I've seen many people writing great reviews, which I visit on a daily basis at work between dreaded merchant support calls and the sigh afterwards.

I find we demand ALOT. We compare ALOT. We QQ (cry) alot. We rage-log ALOT.
We will nitpick a game till its a shadow of itself.

Giving those that read a distorted view.
My only option, just like at work, try to see it in a different way, "what were they trying to accomplish?".

At one employee meeting, there was an anonymous comment that everyone was up in arms about (that they disagreed with). I couldn't stand it.

"Hey guys, first off, I'm not the person that wrote that."
/everyone laughs
"But why not try looking at it as ____________ ?"
/some agree and the tense situation is averted

I hope and will try my best not to sound like a Warhammer fanboy; I personally love MMO's in general, from as old as UO to Horizons or Shadowbane to the famously popular WoW, i've played quite a few. They all had good things about it; except maybe Shadowbane.. lol I kidd I kidd (flying bird men?? thats cool).

I just want a more light view on things; yes yes, there are some issues with the game, as any game. But it's not an epic fail. And if you leave, I will cry, b/c you're probably the person i'm able to defeat in pvp ;)