They have a preview today of MTG's newest set of intro packs.. and at first it was a "ho-hum, Wizards is just pumping out another set of cards.. nothing new.. nothing exciting.. heck.. i'm getting pretty bored of this!" Then they spring this:

A kraken (favorite monster). Interest renewed!

Went to the Fan Expo on Saturday. Some people would describe it the same way I describe places I don't like going to, "same old stuff every year." But if you like it, then its always fun and exciting and worth going to. I didn't have anyone to go with this year, but still had a blast, (as an introvert) actually liked the crowds and go some really nice prints.

I didn't take many photos at all this time.. normally ~50% of the people are in cosplay, but this year, i'd say maybe less than 15%. This could be possible b/c it was a Sunday (probably most cosplayers go Friday/Sat) and it was near the end of the day.


MTG: Grisly Salvage

One of the big draws to Magic: The Gathering is the art.
 Very cool

You know where else you can get great art? The Fan Expo. Going there tomorrow, check out some art, some cosplayers and just everything there in general :)



I thought it was odd that the site was down late last night..


Mechwarrior Online: Short Wishlist

Fan Expo is this weekend in Toronto! Don't miss it otherwise you'll miss this!

Still playing Mechwarrior Online these days; amazing game and they're making the free-to-play model work for them; each week there is a new sale with interesting (not mind-blowing, but still enticing) things to purchase. I literally want to throw my lack-of money at them; other game companies should look at how PGI (Piranha Games) does it.

The game is still technically in beta and is a work-in-progress but is due to launch in September. Some things on my wishlist that i'd like to see happen:
- the ability to change/pay for an account name change; i'm currently using my old standby for user names, but in this game, I think i'd prefer a different user name

- the ability to gift game-currency to friends; i'd love to buy some mc-bills (used to purchase things that only people with mc-bills have)

- an easier way to report players who are griefing (team-killing) and get them banned/suspended faster

- more game-balance for medium mechs; light mechs are really quick and nimble, while heavier mechs are more heavily armored and equipped. Mediums feels like a poor-man's jack of all trades in the worst way possible. I'd like to see them be a bit shorter, thinner (so harder to hit) and hit 120 km/hr with the best engines and the speed tweak unlock.


Music Time: Radioactive

From the Defiance trailer.

Writing up another new player guide for Mechwarrior Online. It should be ready by the end of this week.