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Once again, Blogger has foiled a great attempt at a more 'visually' appealing blog.. You're probably all getting the Warhammer Newsletter which showed most recently Paul Barnett posing in Korea with two very luscious asian elves.. shadow warriors and sorceress' never looked so good!

/tries to upload a smaller pic.. no good.. hate blogger!

Read the newsletter
here(smexy pics included)

Credit where it's due: GU Comics (i visit this site every day too at work.. ty ty)
I was kinda wondering where all the bloggers went; but i guess you were all gaming and either trying to lvl up to get to, or already are enjoying the Land of the Dead expansion. Hope it great; haven't seen too many positive reviews.. I miss it (mmo gameplay); and have been replacing it with alot of 360 LIVE gaming.. I miss the White Lion surprisingly.. hated how dumb my lion would agro mobs.. but loved the look and style of his armor (samurai style- didn't realize it until i read it)

Heh; I pass by a church (not this one) usually when i go to visit my friend Hunter; and the back side faces the main street, but it has a postern/back door. I feel like camping it from defenders! :D


Lair of the Shambler

I think this was the one of the lairs that people actually tended to go to as its not hidden too badly and not too hard.

Found in Black Fire Pass
In the south west part of the orvr area.. a part that NO ONE would go to unless you are an adventurer (moi) as there is nothing in the area except a possible orvr quest...

Nice purples always would drop.. usually 2-3.. but unfortunately nothing I could use.. tho I did win one roll.. for a blackguard helm... as a squig herder... fun times.. :P


Different Unlocks

Heh; i'm just like my friend, I end up not saying a word when I stop playing.. i've just been 'busy' but mostly lazy to blog about it... T3 has broken me. The emptiness of it all in that area and the fact that all my friends left the game except one addicted one.. she is now proud leader of our almost scroll-enabled guild and inherits 800+g plus 8 black dyes which may fetch for even more! Not to mention a guild filled with 60+ alts. Destro has attention deficit disorder.. seriously.. when we came back to Vortex from playing Order on Volkmar, we started with 8 guild members, which expanded all the way to 60+.. but only about 10 real people playing.. some people just kept making alts... i hate that..Farewell WH, you were great; hopefully my friend will take some interesting screen shots and maybe even some tome unlocks i can show off. Maybe ill sift through my screen shots and see if i can find a few more unlocks.

I replaced WAR with DDO;
Dungeons and Dragons online.. i've always been really into the D&D, i love the lore, how classes, skills, feats, everything, how it works. I think my first game was Eye of the Beholder.

I didn't really know how to play the game and (lol) never got out of the first room; granted i wasn't old enuf to appreciate the game, apparently it was a very good game at the day... revolutionary even.
I appologize if 1/3 the screen doesn't show.. yet another problem that could be solved with proper use of coding.. that i don't know how to implement.
find it here: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/10287.html

/accidently deletes more than half his blog with a down-delete press...
/can't find the undo button
/rage quits blogger
/good thing it was a saved blog
/accidently deletes it 2 more times.. Frack!

As good or better than
Neverwinter Nights?
meh; how can you be missing druids?
The missing classes is a big let down and its not too easy to see how skill link up; like if you get A, then it'll open up B; when it does that, its a basic (console feel) linking like:
Strength 1 - increases strength by 1
Strength 2 - requires str 1; increases strength by 3
Its not like:
Power attack - increases damage at the cost of chance to hit
Cleave - requires power attack; attacks a foe next to your target

Annnnnd i switched teams (lol, not that kind.. i like the ladies!) .. I got a Xbox 360...
There are just no good games out for the pc.. its sad. Its like to make money, you need to have an mmo; otherwise what is the point?
Have you noticed pc players, that the pc section of EB Games is really crappy now?
At my old store, we always devoted a large section of the wall for them.. now most of them is barely one shelf length and all the boxes are creased, crushed or ripped b/c no one buys them.

Been playing Left for Dead and Gears of War 2
Bought Castle Crashers from the marketplace (very excited to play with someone.. if i can convince them)


Land of the Dead.. snoozefest

So after some busy days i've been actually able to log in and try this fabled LoTD..
I was really hoping for something mind-blowing... but right now just seems like every other live event.. do some stuff, mostly in the Orvr area, this time without influence, just a crappy title if you complete all 10 chores.

One of the first and easiest quests is to go to Orvr lakes, find a camp such as this (Saphery, north of the well of Q) and loot the cargo boxes.

Be warned, maybe every 4/5 boxes a hostile skeleton spawns which either spawns a lvl 26 skeleton or of your same lvl.

Granted if you were in a very active server **cough cough not mine cough**, it would be hard to get these boxes as you'd have to compete with your fellow destro and Order... sadly.. it seems its even MORE empty than I remember it to be.. and i grabbed over 30 fast spawing boxes with impunity.

Lets insert something good that happened today (before a bit more griping); A CSR actually messaged me today to try to help me fix my bugged standard (i was the std bearer but couldn't deploy it..).. it did maybe take 3 weeks to get addressed, and it kinda fixed itself.. but i guess its nice that they responded eventually. Imagine 15+ servers.. thousands of players.. all possibly with atleast 1 issue, and trying to get to them WHILE they're playing.. i'm lucky that I actually had a CSR help me twice now..

Anyways; I got into the Dungeons and Dragons Online beta, granted if it let me play it would be wicked.. but something is wrong.. no worries.

I hope tomorrow will be a better day.. hope everyone else is having more fun :)



Found: Barak Varr Near the Order WC Coords: 21k, 47k
Where: Talk to this Orge Bull, within orvr area, so run in, run out

Reward: Title: The Crusher

When I first started this, I didn't really have a method to these unlocks, and now I forget which unlocks i've posted (and i don't intend on going back and reading my entries.. lol so sorry if I post the entries again).

It would be cool if you could pick a faction of Chaos instead of being stuck (?) with Tzench..

Imagine looking like this guy..

I feel quite alone these days in WAR..

I've given up on T3, there is very limited orvr action and I don't know what people are doing, but they are NOT lvling to T4. They're all like my friend Capo; all just playing orvr and getting annoyed that there is no one out there. I find in Vortex, there is only a certain time of day, generally around 4pm that there is a wb that will cap everything, see that Order isn't around and log off.
So I go and power lvl my Magus, Squigherder, Blackguard and Disciple of Khaine.. they're all almost 30+ now. There seems to be more pvp in T4.. but to our 2 wbs of destruction, there always seems to be 3-4 wbs of order. And order is MUCH better than destro. We just don't seems to coordinate very well or give up quite fast.
How great would it have been if destro, right from the get-go, wasn't so prideful and had only one or two MAJOR guilds, instead of what seems to be 100+ guilds. With Paypal, the leaders can all pool together a bit of money and buy a vent together. We could be more organized, we'd dominate. But what kind of world would we live in if people actually could create and stick with 1/2 main guilds?

An impossible one.

I don't "hope for Mythic's sake" that Land of the Dead will be hugely successful.
I hope its interesting.
That i'll find new things I can enjoy.
Make the game strong.



Found: Black Fire Pass Coords: 37.5k, 59.5k
Where: Between the Dwarf and Orc towns, is this champ squig

Reward: Bestial Tactic Fragment!


I want to make a plague corrupted WAR character :D



Found: Chaos Wastes Destro side Coords: 12.5k, 55k
Where: Walk towards the cave

Reward: Title: The Screamer Seeker (not bad)

No matter which tier you play... whatever game it is (not just WAR), there is going to be stupid people. Lazy people.

Today, there was a 3/4 full warband trying to take Stoneclaw Keep in High Pass... granted there were already less than a half warband of order guarding... people really sucked. I actually wasted 60s buying rams. I had to ask..

"Do we have any rams?"

No one answered.. and the person that did have a ram(2 of them actually)... didn't use it.. Smart. I should have known as soon as the warband didn't have any rams or weren't using them, not to join them..

So I put down my ram.. and the 2 other tanks didn't even come help..
And the healers... (i'm not gonna say didn't heal) had to heal the stupid people that couldn't protect them! And it was only 2 tanks and a witch hunter attacking them... sad.

As soon as I died and noticed the warband fleeing.. I quit. Wasted time and money.

Rage quit! lol.. j/k (i love my blackguard too much)


You could just ... cruise the vistas...

I guess you always take personal offence when someone criticize's your favorite game even when they don't mean it or they may be right in some way.
My friend would always say how the graphics to the game wasn't as good as WoW (i really hate comparisons to it, but it is a 'good' game).
How are these for good graphics? :P

You look at this one, and you know you're in the chaos wastes..

A bridge overlooking the orvr ravine towards the chaotic chaos wastes

The very dark and foreboding feeling of the Inevitable City. Stop. Take a look at the top, they spend the time to make and design it for you, look and admire. Otherwise, why make anything higher than the wall?

The Bastion Staire (sp?).. you know where angels live :P

This one is a pick of my blackguard's new trophy on his waisttt... can you see it? Its The Dark Chalice... pretty cool one.. =)



Lol; I wanted the day to be more enjoyable yesterday at work and was reading some webcomics from Penny Arcade and found a comic on one of my all-time favorite games Heroes of Might and Magic 4...

Found: Badlands Coords: 24k, 26.5k
Where: On an island talk to Foigak

Reward: Pocket item: Steamtrain token

Found: Chaos Wastes Coords: 23k, 10k
Where: Behind the pillar of this BO

Reward: Title: The Anarchist
Before launch of WAR, I had my heart set on 2 main classes: the Blackguard and the DoK. To my dismay, the blackguard was removed from launch, and I created my DoK instead.. without the soul essence regeneration we were a poor multi-target healer as we constantly needed to sacrifice our AP for it and really was only good for solo-ing. But at launch with an abundance of people (vs now), there was no need for that.

So I created my Sorcerer instead.. enjoyed the massive dps of the doombolt, or with a pocket healer, be able to kill 10-15 mobs at a time in pqs/pve. It met my playstyle of the kamikaze-do-as-much-damage-as-possible-then-die... I couldn't count the amt of times i would have died from my own backlash tho..

I've recently picked up my Magus again, I liked the aspect of having tons and tons of dots.. and having a disc to ride on looks like a snowboarder... but I found it got boring, was hard to solo, and didn't do as much single target dps.
Until now. Lol. It was partially learning how to play the character correctly, and partially I didn't have all the skills I do now (lvl 30 as of last night). With the magus, once again, its all about the aoe dots, causing havoc, and having order flee and stay not all grouped up and making them pay with 3-4 dots (to a possible 7-8) if they do. BUT what many may not realize, we have:
2 knockdowns
- one in the form of a daemonic infestation (doesn't proc as much as i like)
- one in the form of daemonic instability (reqs a demon)
1 snare
1 knockback
Its much more than the other classes i've played but that could be a case that i haven't played that many classes to lvl 30+ (Sorc, Blackguard, DoK, Squigherder, Magus)
Its still hard to coordinate pve and taking down multiple melee mobs, but taking down groups of ranged with those skills makes it easy-peasy.


WCPI - One Shard

Note to self :send email to self to add more active WAR bloggers!
Note to fellow bloggers: comment and leave your site and ill add! :D

So this week I'd like to promote the fella at One Shard.

Usually i'm a sucker for a nice colorful banner (*cough* Bootae *cough*).. but what is great about Shard's site is that there are frequent entries and thoughtful entries. We need to get you a talented artist for a banner that fits your writing talent! :D

I must visit Shard's site atleast once a day now from work.. always a great read! Keep it up!

So the other day we talked about how to get a bestial token to buy a trophy from the capital city.. here is a photo of Witch's Gift trophy I bought with my (hideous b/c you can't dye the robe) lvl 40 sorc.. Its so small.. I DEMAND BIGGER TROPHIES! lol... its on the left shoulder, the red potion..


Still alive and kicking

Found: Talabecland Destro side Coords: 22k, 32k (more and higher spawn)
Where: Kill these chaos mutants and they drop bound hands, collect 10

Reward: Title: The Unsullied

Found: Saphery Destro Side Coords 9.1k, 35k
Where: In the Destro Saphery WC, talk to this npc

Reward: Bestial Token!! (use it to buy a nice trophy at the capital!)

I guess it makes sense that such a reward (the token) would be in t3, otherwise everyone would be able to see how the special trophies look. I picked for my squig herder, Choppas and Bones, which is the pirate equivalent.. very disappointed.. all white.. very small... can't notice it at all unless you are inspecting the player and REALLY looking. Oh well.
Sorry about the delay in entries, RL stuff suckkkkssss..

Btw, where the heck is everyone on the Vortex server? Are we all in T4, or T2? The T2 people have attention deficit disorder and can't make characters beyong lvl 21, b/c Destro always has all the keeps and bos in T3, sometimes not locked b/c no one is queuing for PQs.. empty bar. I really hope Mythic implements cross server sc's and has more server merges.. its so lonely in t3.. i'm trying to lvl as fast as possible, unlike my friend Capo (who is only doing orvr to get max influence now in t3: will never happen) so I can join groups doing LoTD or atleast T4 stuff. Defending IC is better than twiddling my thumbs and actually doing something productive! ;)