WAR Tome Unlocks

..and I expect some spam about unlocking phones from this :P

Anyways, I saw the entry by Bootae on some good Warhammer books he's read and recommends on reading.

I've personally read these two:

Vampire Wars by Steven Savile
- If you like vampires, you'd enjoy this book.. its approximatly 760 pages long.. as it is a trilogy novel
- it focuses on vampire hunters seeking revenge/justice while details the exploits of the vampires and their own infighting

The Vampire Genevieve by Jack Yeovil

- most vampires are evil... tho I guess the Twilight series has ruined that; lol, the heroine Genevieve is a good vampire
- it was a complicated story which I need to read a second time to understand, but it focuses on a human playwright and actor.. and not much fighting.. (so less interesting than i hoped)

When it was less busy at work, I read (and bought) nearly the whole series of Drizzt Do'Urden.. 13 or so of them!

Dark elves are evil, just like Warhammer. Except this one dark elf who fights his own circumstance and has his own life (and companions)above ground (b/c these dark elves can't bear the sunlight and live underground).

I'm currently reading.. and trying to finish



You're so Evil Mythic

Go here.

I just pre-ordered this

Just because I don't play, doesn't mean I don't miss it... drool drool


Borderland Screenies

Heh; i've been too busy to really enjoy and concentrate on the new DLC (Secret Armory of General Knoxx) b/c i'm taking these photos.

A new baddie; female assassins.

Its fun; its the same formula, its brighter (if you found the zombie mod too dark).

Its harder. I really have to concentrate against some of these baddies. There are those daddy-longleg creatures that are really tough and new Crimson Lance baddies who's shields/health regens exceptionally fast. And this is against baddies about 10+ lvls lower than me, I can't imagine how tough they must be at the same lvl.

The new boxes.. not revolutionary, but a nice change of pace.

Do you remember a similar type of mine in Warhammer in the water?

Umm.. this one isn't inactive like in Warhammer.. this lesson cost me 1.2 million dollars.. :(

The new type of chests rock!

So many goodies!

There are alot of billboards in this dlc.

You're wanted!


The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

Pictures already! Lucky you!

Its 800 Microsoft points..available nowww..

So you think you're so tough that you defeated the Vault monster?

Try taking on the Crimson Lance!

Not impressed?

He brought some friends..


Scooter is back!

"Get you one!"

Moxxi is in the game too!

Single white female looking for.... single t.... i dunno...

Borderlands DLC now available!

Get it, get it now.
umm.. if you weren't listening.. get it.

Personal pictures soon to come! :D


Added two to the blogring:

Had the week off; played Borderlands with the gf and got our new alts all the way to lvl 38ish.. its a good game solo player and will wear thin if you have a short attention span or don't have atleast one person to play with :) The Zombie Island dlc has been played way way WAY more than the Mad Moxxi dlc; i'm hoping the next dlc will last even longer!

Kome een an play wit ussss!


Escapist Mass Effect 2 Review

Yahtzee always has an extremely funny (and honest) way of doing a review; its one of the better games out there right now imho. Previous entries will have more plus/minuses.


Congrats Hunter!

Congrats to my best friend Hunter, who proposed to his gf at Lake Tahoe at the top of the mountain this past weekend!


WAR: Post King Take-down

Good ideas stemming from Bootae translates into a blog, so hats off to him ;)

He postulates how if one side defeats the other's king, that the landscape of whammer should change. I think its a great idea, but maybe we should take it a bit further.

To tell the truth, since I haven't played the game in ages and the server I was in hadn't had their first King Kill(KK), I didn't know whether the zone resets or the winning side has control of the all the keeps. So I appologize in advance if some of these things already happen.

So how about the winning side, lets use Destro as the example (Go Destro Go! lol):
- keeps control of the city to loot (and I haven't heard of the mechanics or the great loot from looting the city...so many promises Mythic)
- all the keeps (both on Order side and Destro) are still in Destro's control
- the landscape looks different; more chaos-ey, orc-ey, or dark elf-ey
- each keep on Order side has more Destro npc guards

The object for Order should be
1. Push Destro out of the city from looting and lowering Stars/access to certain functions of the city
- so in this case, with KKs the star lvl doesn't automatically go down to 1 star, but will slowly decrease as Destro 'destroys' certain buildings (bank, guild hall, etc)
-- capture the flag for each location; Order Controls all locations (the map may need to be split into two instanced parts), with Destro starting at the Castle/King Area, when Destro gains control of an area they can loot the area (maybe in the form of a chest), and if you get all points then you get an extra better chest and then for every X amt of time you control all points, you get another chest/money/rr/whatever,
-- but it becomes increasingly harder for you to keep control of the points (Less order needed to cap flags, and maybe guard respawns) and soon npc elites start roaming the areas going from flag to flag area
-- once it has been recaptured, Destro cannot take it (maybe put many elite guards there, or just uncappable)
-- Order gets a chest when they recapture a flag, but an even better chest if they dont' allow Destro to get any flags
-- Order can push Destro out by getting the flag right infront their spawn area to represent the Castle (within 45m - so close enough to single target shoot, but not aoe)

2. Get control of the keeps
- simpler.. Order has to seige their Destro-controlled keeps that are on their side (Eataine, ... etc etc); once capped, it will become uncappable or many elite guards spawn

This will eventually lead to a point where NUMBER 1 or 2 is satisfied in which Destro is pushed out of the city (whatever buildings and hence stars are calculated) and all normal Order keeps go back into possession of Order with normal guards.

I think this would extend the end game life period, because from many blogs I see that raiding the capital city is a daily occurence which kinda suck (see: boring). This would create more things to do after the king is KKed, less pve and more pvp. It is a balanced approach as Destro will need to split their forces into two or more groups (ones in the city and one defending keeps)

There is still the persisting issue of constant city seiges.. which I won't go into as this was more of an elaboration of
Bootae's entry :)


Escapist Review and Achievements

The 3rd Borderlands DLC achievement listing:
• Making a Monster (10)Build the New Car: Monster
• Athena, Out (25)Rescue Athena
• Depot Demolition (25)Destroy the Lance Depot
• Vincible (50)Kill Crawmerax the Invincible
• Sneaky Little Buggers (25)Kill each of the loot midgets
• Speed Kills (25)Destroy a Lancer while in a Racer
• Ding! Overleveled (15)Reach Level 51
• Ding! Overleveled to 11 (40)Reach Level 61
• Completionist (25)Complete all missions in Secret Armory
• Secret Achievement (10)Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.

Added I Heart Gorfang

And re-added moderation as phone unlock bloggers think I want it..


Free ME2 DLC - Cerberus Gear

Armor with non-removable helmet (for those that care)
Stats: increased heavy ammo 10%
Increased shields and health by 10%
- doesn't look as nice as Dragon Armor, but better if you use heavy ammo more often or want an increase in shields
- might be a nice change of pace than the DA armor
- its free

Eviscerator Shotgun
- supposed to have armor piercing.. can't tell whether the armor-piercing skill stacks or whether it doesn't make an impact
- can't tell the numerical value for damage
- 3 shot (out of 27 when upgraded) clips vs 5 on the katana and 1 on the krogan shotgun
- the armor piercing is good, but i do like guns with greater clips
- once again, its free

I'd buy you a beer

I think this may have been an American Super Bowl commercial.. i dunno.. funny :)


Where's the meat?

We truly have too much time on our hands...


Mass Effect 2 - Finale

I finished the game at lvl 25.
Full Renegade
who previously in ME1 saved Wrex, let Ashley live, and saved the Council (I know, odd for a renegade)
Class: Adept focusing on Throw Field and AoE Incendary Grenade (fyi the grenade isn't that great)
Full Loyalty with all members (used them all equally except Kayne.. i mean Jacob, and Jack)
Favorite crew members: Mordin (he sings! funniest part ever!) and Grunt
Eliminated Samara and took Morinth
Acquired possibly 85% of all upgrades, purchased all ship upgrades and hence no casualties..
Collector's Station: Given to Cerberus to use against the Reapers..
Lost: Grunt (to flying swarm.. "GRUNT!!! well i have full loyalty.. he'll be back..".... he never came back), and Tali (who cares lol)
Didn't: explore every single planet for resources; its better than driving a maco, but still tedious grinding

Terminator Transformation: Before and After...

Highly disappointed: that Miranda (and many characters) have so little to talk about, during the main game and after the main game is done. I've had bigger and longer conversations with Joker than most of the other members. Miranda is a user; when she needs you, she talks to you, when she doesn't need you, she's "busy." Garrus keeps thinking that we're crazy to have interspecies relationships even though we already knocked boots.. that trip to the Collector base must have knocked him in the head and gave him amnesia.

Mass Effect 2 can be summed up as:
A long game that will seem short.
Gathering 4 members, a mission or two.. 3 more members.. some mining for upgrades.. Omega relay.. final mission.. annnd thats it.

It says 29hours but thats a completionist playthrough..

The game is extremely short. On my second playthrough as my Paragon Vanguard, i'm trying to blaze through and do as little as necessary and see how long that takes. I imagine about 6-8 hours tops. I really wish they maybe included a Horde Mode or Firefight Mode like GoW or ODST; I know that would seem like they're copying those game formulae, but that would extend the game play. Once I do one or two more playthroughs.. thats about it.. and ME2 gets shelved.

For me, this was the longest part, transition between parts of the ship ;)

Don't get me wrong, its still really good game; absolutely loved the characters, the storyline was good, the graphics are fantastic, the gameplay is better (now that i fixed my mouse issue), i like how they removed the Maco. The streamlining was good in regards to micromanagement of skills and gear.. though I'm the type of gamer that likes that micromanagement part.I'm still very glad that I got the PC version versus the 360 version even though I missed out on achievements. I'm quite sure it feels smoother and I know I had better accuracy and it was more convenient with hotkeys.

CIC and research screen

Besides the length of the game, and the conversation options between crew members.. i'm mixed on the limited ammo.. usually there is enough ammo lying around, but not enough to go crazy and be inaccurate. Its crucial at the beginning for shotgun users (probably moreso on snipers) as we only get 15 shots at the beginning..

Now the wait for ME3.

update: Vanguard is my playstyle with Charge and shotguns.. but i'm too kamikaze..


WAR Patch 1.3.4

In loving memory for removal of 5/6 of the scenarios and of Khaine's Embrace.

We will miss you!



I miss WAR.

I miss the guild and all my friends playing it and being totally into the game.
I miss the guild runs we would do, either pq's, quests, or dungeons.

I miss the tome unlock nights to get cool/rare titles or items.
I miss keep defence using my Magus; Aoe-ing everything
I miss watching the time the choppas/slayers just released and no one had a ram, so there were 20 slayers just throwing axes at the door.. which we broke down.

I miss just the random exploration in the world and finding something special
I miss questing with the gf, just agro-ing 5-8 baddies at a time and aoe-ing them with my blackguard.


Borderlands DLC Retail

Thats the link to the Borderlands dlc which can be found at major retailers Feb 23rd which will include The Zombie Island of Dr Ned and Mad Moxxi's Underdome.

I personally love the Zombie Island content; you'll especially love it if you're a zombie-killin fan; good exp, nice storyline and good drops.

Mad Moxxi, i can't really have an honest opinion, other than its extremely difficult at times and I encountered a few bugs (items stuck to the ceiling, or bugged monster spawns). It would probably be better with 4 players, but i'm waiting to play with friends than pugs.

Can't wait for the next dlc!