The Best Kind

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

There is a good article today on Daily MTG of the origins and evolution of tokens in Magic.

I originally didn't like tokens too much when I first started, for I found it was too much upkeep, having to keep track of so many units. But then when you faced off against the Infect mechanic, I found a really good use for them (black/green elf token deck). It finally evolved into a source of fuel to make incredibly strong units and eventually be able to overcome any creature when protected, and given trample. Imagine this creature.. devouring 21 creatures (it actually happened in one match) AND given trample. Only a fog would stop it.. and thats only for one turn.

Photography relaxes me; it is better than gaming (blasphemy! I know) as I find it is more creative and productive output for me. I struggle with this art; I research and study for it, prepare myself both physically, mentally and emotionally. While I probably have much more success in gaming, I frequently encounter failure with photography through ruined/unusable photos. 

But with even that one good photo, it makes it all worth it and pushes me to try even harder. The photo above initially was considered a failure as I didn't like how I could see so much in the reflection: the strobe, the boxes and myself. But then you take a look at the body positioning, but most strikingly, her expression.. it makes it all worth it.


Would have made more sense a few minutes ago

The kind of photography I want to get more into.. I think my stylist partner would agree. The week is almost done guys and gals!


Weekend Going-ons

I don't think i'll be getting Krieg from Gearbox until the last dlc content comes out for the Seasons Pass; still a bit sore about the cost of it due to sly marketing. The fanboys will obviously get it and the probably the only people that are really playing it these days. Altho there are a few sales this week 'coincidently' to probably revive interest in it.

What happened to that Mechwarrior game that was teased out to us about 8 months ago? Instead we get this:

It doesn't look too bad, but it looks like its more arena-based rather than storybased. Augh. Makes me want to play Mechwarrior Mercenaries!

I've been playing Neverwinter Nights 2 these days with my sad sad Drow Warlock. Sad? Because I didn't think he would need the Concentration skill .. but obviously he does and the slightest whack means his spell fails. To top it off, he switched out an invocation (think: spell) which was a big mistake.. being able to summon an undead minion is great when the game surprises you on a quest where you're by yourself. I'm committed to finishing the game.. altho I can't tell how much farther I have and clearly want to make a new character.. altho unsure of what.. Druid? Cleric? Barbarian? Unsure..


The Best Policy: Honesty

Don't you just love it when you're eagerly anticipating that game you've been tracking for months (or years), and then come launch day.... splat. It doesn't work.. or there are huge queues.. or the servers are down.. or its unstable.. or its just plain laggy?

I've been waiting for Krieg the Psycho (new class)for Borderlands 2 to come out.. a perfect time to start playing again..

And then I find out that "Hey.. just so you know, at the very bottom of your news article, this character doesn't come with your pre-order or seasons pass for free." Wait. Wut?

I had forgotten that the first Borderlands 2 class, the Mechromancer came free b/c I had pre-ordered it. What the Gearbox Marketing Department "clearly" forgot to do was make it clear that everyone had to pay extra to get access to the new class. No ifs, ands or buts. I don't mind having to pay for it, but be more clear Gearbox.. you guys have a good sense of humor, play it that way.. sure people will still gripe either way, but atleast you're being honest. Now I'm unsure whether I should cough up 800 Microsoft points for you. 


Shades of Not-Loading-Because-DRM-Sucks-the-Big-One

This is what i've been doing these days:

Taking photos.

DRM: You suck. To play Might and Magic: Heroes 6 (aka: Heroes of Might and Magic 6), not only do you need to playing through Steam, you now have to play with a Steam-like application called U-Play as well. Sure they did interesting (in-game and outside game rewards) things with it, its still a clunky user-unfriendly system. I seriously would have bought the newest package on Steam that included 3 of Ubisoft's expansions, but thanks to all the technical difficulties (see: it won't load up at all now) today, I won't ever spend a money with them again. Ok that sounded fan-boi-rantey: lets just say, i'm going think long and hard on whether I spend extra disposable income on a game that utilizes DRM. Sorry; no 50$ for you. 


Oh YES aka Time to Roll a New Character

I forsee another 50+ hours of Borderlands 2 in my future!


Selesnya Sentry of Suck

Still here; I haven't been playing much of anything these days. Waiting for May 14th when the new Borderlands 2 character Kreig becomes available. I think i've played the beginning part of Neverwinter Nights 2 so many times that I can't wrap my head around it anymore... or it could be the style of gameplay is stale.

Anyways, I was adjusting some decks and came across this one:

Yuck. Who in their right mind would pay 6 mana to regenerate a 3/2?
I would pay 4 at the most.. even then, I wouldn't think it's worth it. Bad card.