Ravnica Art

Instead of doing what I should do, I procrastinate and write entries instead. I originally didn't feel like playing MTG over the weekend, but i'm glad we did; its just so fun. Maybe not when you lose, but that just means you can edit your deck to make it stronger (meta game).

I won't write much, other than to say the above and below art are for the same type of card: Watery Grave. A shock land which is a 2 color land mana source in MTG where you can pay life when it comes onto the battlefield ready to be used, or you can forego that price and cause it to be unusable til the next turn. The above art is from the expansion, Ravnica: City of Guilds that released in 2005.

8 Years (!) after, they came out with Return to Ravnica with the same kind of card... both really cool art. For more shock land art, go here. For more interesting articles, go here.


The Oatmeal

If you haven't gone to it yet, go now. The Oatmeal is an amazingly funny web comic. You'll laugh so hard, your sides will hurt!

And its not even done yet; see the rest at the actual site!



I won't be blogging as much these days til early March.. moving out and its taking up alot of my current time and energy.

Post-V Day gift.


Testing out CS6

I can't believe how many good photos I didn't go through during this photoshoot...