Return to Ravnica: Guild Welcome Letters

A crazy amount of new and background information can be found at the Wizards website. Magic: The Gathering promotes going to participating stores to have tracked duels and one of the features they have implemented recently with Return to Ravnica, is having you choose what guild you want to be part of (online). And in doing so, you work with your fellow guildmates to reach achievements and unlock perks (maybe?). Anyways below are some intro emails you would receive for joining the specific guild.

Visit this link to get the background story of what happened on the plane of Ravnica. Very interesting story how, what you'd imagine to be the guild of righteousness (white/blue), Azorius Senate, was the mastermind behind the war.

An interesting paragraph on what is currently happening on Ravnica:
Old guild loyalties that never truly died out began to coalesce and new guildmasters emerged to take the lead, attempting to bring their guilds back to full strength. Rumblings from the hellpit within Rix Maadi sent the Rakdos scampering back to the guildhall to await their demon lord. The merfolk zonots were discovered and a new Simic guild with a new identity, as preservers of Ravnica's natural places, emerged. The Boros began to align under the powerful leadership of the angel Aurelia, who promised that crime would most certainly be punished under the fist of Boros. The Azorius were called on to restore the rule of law and to keep other guilds in check, and Isperia created the lawmages to enforce law through Azorius magic that compels compliance. The Orzhov approached the cynical doubts of the Ravnican citizen with a new tack—the restoration of faith—building ornate cathedrals and gathering places filled with lavish artworks and rituals. Perhaps taking a cue from the Orzhov, the Selesnya engaged in their own peaceful struggle for legitimacy in the wake of the Guildpact's destruction and chose to create beauty among the stark buildings, with places to illuminate the wonders of nature and inspire contemplation—hopefully on the blessings of Mat'selesnya—for all of Ravnica. With all this going on, the Dimir quietly and methodically coalesced into a full-fledged guild again, fueled financially by 'the continued need for guilds to keep an eye on one another and to know every move made by their rivals.
Once again from this article.

An exciting beginning quote to this article:
"Return to Ravnica previews begin next week..."
Can't wait for new information!



So while you were at church... the cottage.. shopping or watching the football game.. you were missing out on..

Asian Wonder Woman

Blonde LG girl

Asian Gingers..

Man. Just more proof of hot gamer chicks! There's more every year (at anime conventions, the Fan Expo in particular); Life is gooood.


Return to Ravnica: Selesnya Conclave Details

You're obviously craving for more information on Magic's Return to Ravnica new set right? Right?
Of course you are!

Today's article at the official Wizard's website takes an indepth look at the Selesnya Conclave guild; a white-green guild that is more than it seems on the outside. Order, Harmony, Life, Loxodons (elephant warriors), Wurms, Elementals, Living Buildings, Nature. If any of those intrigue you, this may be your guild!

It goes on to talk about the guild leadership, philosophy, signature creatures and attitudes of the other guilds. A good read :)


Back to Work

In receiving an email from ArenaNet, it reminds me that Guild Wars 2 is coming out in a week or so. I'll find out tonight after checking the blogosphere who (everybody) will be planning to get it. I'm still on the fence; the internet is so incredibly slow right now, that i'm quite sure i'll rage-quit after a few days. I don't think Terraria will last til Borderlands 2 comes out..

Anyways; Fan Expo is coming to Toronto this week (starts Thursday); I plan on going most likely on Sunday.

Go to Tate's website for more photos

For girls in cosplay? nahhhhhhhh... *halo*


Holiday Gift Box for the Return

Check this link for the official article on a holiday gift box to add to your Christmas gift list.

For 20$, available November 16, 2012, it comes with:

  • 4 Return to Ravnica booster packs (approximate 16$ value)
  • A pack of 20 RtR basic land (~$1)
  • 6 illustrated plastic dividers
  • A sticker sheet for customizing the dividers
  • Alternative-art Dreg Mangler (name of card) from RtR
So basically a customized big box to hold your magic cards.. .. It all depends on what the value of Dreg Mangler is and whether you need 'official' ways to organize your cards.


Its that time again

After playing only a few matches, here are some reasons why Commander may be a multiplayer format you may enjoy playing with your friends:

More cards
- get to use some incredibly powerful cards and more frequently b/c you get to play more mana
- milling becomes less potent (in some ways) and beneficial for some decks

Longer games
- sometimes you don't get the right cards and the game is over pitifully early, in Commander, you get 40 life which can prolong a bad opening hand
- also people will be containing other threats and leaving you alone until you become a threat

Longer games equals more mana; more mana equals bigger armies
- armies can become huge

More different games
- with more cards and no copies, its possible to have more combinations/different battles each time

A bit more equal/parity
- that player that always has multiple copies *cough* of that incredibly strong and annoying card? He/she can only have 1 of that card now

Always get your commander
- unless you choose to, your commander can go into the command zone instead of gy or exile
- that means you can always play your commander card and as many times as you like


Its that time again.. Borderlands 2 will be releasing in almost a month.. time to start posting vids!


Back from the Cottage

I should have written something, but I was celebrating mine and my gf's birthday with my annual week-long trip to the cottage this past week. It feels like it went so fast, but we did get alot done and celebrated it with the gf's sister and bro-in-law. Speaking about my the bro-in-law (lol; i always do that), he always bugged me into getting into Commander for Magic: The Gathering.. and he finally 'convinced' me by getting me two Commander decks for our birthdays. The Devour for Power and Political Puppets. Very cool gift :D

Pssst to my friends: lets make Commander decks ;)

Just a few links for some strategies/best practices for drafting and competitions which I hope to participate in the Return to Ravnica pre-release events with my friends:
- 'knowing the secret behind fighting the format'
- making your picks matter
- a teaser of what the Golgari guild's leader card will be in Return to Ravnica


Red Point

To answer Ravanel's question, this photo looks better with the shoes included than probably without ;)

Visit my photography site for many more photos from my jam-packed photoshoot weekend.

Haven't been playing much of anything these days; internet is too slow for Diablo 3 (makes me cringe how GW2 will be), so I've been playing Terraria. Defeated a few bosses, and accumulated enough wealth to not worry about money.