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Taken from Bootae to get the word out ;)
Instead of whining about it on forums, I think this was actually very creative, organized and hopefully will get the word out. Nothing is worse than having a significantly weak (and broken) character class. When you spend so much time playing them.. its heartbreaking to see them fail.

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I personally loved the magus; my kind of class. With a healer, it was easy pve grinding with the dots and aoe dots (not to mention lots of knockbacks, snares, and knockdowns).. pvp, you would do massive damage and cause lots of confusion aoe dotting the area. With reduced range than the sorc, it was harder, but that just means you needed to be sneakier. I usually forgot to use my pet... tho shooting through the floor was always funny (b/c the engineer's turret did the same and was annoying).

I didn't like how the pet knockdown ability never procc'd, even with baddies right next to it.. and i didn't play when they reduced aoe.. which is basically the class.. and being taller than most is a problem in fights b/c people can target you better.
I really wished WAR was more successful; really i do. And still ~15$ times 300k.. is still gobs of money.. but with all the hype, one expected more. And I always thought Mythic did a good job at player feedback.. but with a vid like this.. apparently not too much.


Getting people to test

I guess first question/complaint in testing an upcoming patch on the test server is: I'm not paying for a game to test it.

With the other side, if no one tests it, there are gonna be a helluva amt of bugs in the game blah blah.

But beyond that, lets talk about incentive besides the fuzzy feeling you get from helping make the game you love better, or that you experience things before everyone else.

I've personally never gone on the public test server.. ..its a combination of: couldn't find out how to do it and i'm lazy. lol.

And b/c i haven't done it, this may already be in effect, but here goes:

Incentive to testing: You get a chance/choice of keeping an item, experience, renown from testing depending on contribution (b/c a person that just signs in and out every day would then exploit it). Possibly getting access to different trinkets, titles, pocket items (Woo! pocket items!). Nothing 'too' big.. like special mounts or a purpley weapon.. but still something nice that will go to the character of your choice in your original server.

Just my two cents :)

Rvr Idea - Outposts

Its finally here! My vacation... so happy ;)
Anyways; even though my acct was cancelled on the 24th, I'm still interested what people have to say about the game; i'm bound to start again if my friends play again, or maybe if they introduce a new race/faction.. (b/c i only left b/c I like playing with a big group of people - hence the 360 purchase)

So I was thinking the other day at work..
what would make the experience in WAR better.. ;)

In the orvr area, there are say.. 2-4 mini forts, maybe outposts, like bfos but with actual walls and a door (maybe all breakable and repairable, but not upgradeable). These are the same size, if not actually smaller than the bfos; I was actually thinking just removed the whole bfo thing, and have no postern, with only slits for the defenders to poke their heads out. No guard npcs.
Small groups would be able to capture them, and hold them will grant the usual guild xp (maybe something extra like actual renown to all guild members or something like that)
If no one is defending it, then it is uncapturable, but each hour that no one occupies the base for atleast X amt of minutes of the hour, no xp/bonus is granted
If the guild that captures the outpost doesn't visit the outpost for X amt of time (12/24hours); it will turn neutral, and allow any side to capture it (or maybe become unflagged, so any allied guild can recapture it)

This will prevent the pve feel of running around and capping unmanned bfos and keeps to get the minor renown and xp.
Obviously the xp gained from defending the outpost should be better than having a keep (as someone needs to be there to take it)
Non-guilded defenders should get renown depending on their contribution.
There should not be any bonus for getting outposts (renown, exp) otherwise it'll be the same with bfos and keeps (as well as gold/green bags)
The only bonus should be by occupying the outpost and defending it from being capped

How do you keep the people in the area, in the current state of the game?
Have spawn kill collector quests and mobs around the outpost that will generate possible medallions, renown, xp, gear, trinkets, trophies, or maybe at random(for completion).
B/c you know there are the boring, scout quests, or kill x amt of the enemy or interact with that item quest in the orvr area, but if they spawn monsters (maybe champions, or atleast at max lvl of the area) and not like prior live events where there is low spawn rate or one big guy that only a huge group can tackle.. it would have more people in the area. Nothing is worse doing those orvr quests where you hit the wall of not finding any people to fight against **cough T3 cough cough**..
And to prevent grinding/exploiting the mobs, no drops for non-owner-side enemies, and the drops for the same side is unique to the fort and cannot be exchanged with others (or maybe it can)

My only concern, is how do you prevent zergs from overwhelming an outpost that has people in it? (b/c once again, if undefended you can't take it/impregnable/spawns lvl 50 guards lol) I don't think one should be able to stop a zerg on an outpost(even if supremely organized).. maybe slow them down slightly, but outposts is for small orvr, while keeps is meant for the big battles.


Time well wasted

I mean.. spent..

My 360 is back and working.. but with the gf instead tonight..

Sorry about the poor quality.. i looooooove blogspot.. you piece of crap..
For those lucky enough to be with someone not like Stu's (Ed Helm) wife like from The Hangover..

I do hope we're spending time with them instead of playing our games.. yes yes.. its important.. everyone else is lvling ("I can't keep up!").. i'm the healer, they need me! ...we're gonna take Altdorf for the first freaking time in ages and get phat loot.. purplies.. set.. legendary? But games can wait.. people can't. (Who is gonna touch your naughty bits?)

Granted if they take up every single second without any alone time, that IS suffocating.. the trick is to find someone that enjoys gaming as well, so they understand (not only tolerate b/c that can degenerate to intolerance)that you want to play, maybe join you.. or atleast give you the time/space to do so without guilt or faction loss. lol


Chicken Kicker

lol; i love kicking chickens in Fable 2... especially into rivers.. :D

Sex? uh.. no thanks..
Fable 2

type: action rpg
- action b/c alot of fighting
- rpg elements of lvling your character via skills (WHICH changes your character look; VERY cool *AHEM whammer*.. ie. magic users will have magicky blue veins on your skin, melee users will become more muscular, black orcs will become bigger.. oh yea... we're talking about fable2.. :P)

what i like about the game
- (how i wrote before)about if you forgot what you're doing, the load files have a small pic of your quest and what you're currently doing
- the logbook, which tracks all your stats (tome of knowledge)
- graphics; color richness of each spell, experience orbs are like skittles!

what i dislike
- trolls; glad there were very few fights with them.. sure they're immobile, but they have a heat-seeking aoe, that unless you dodge at the last moment, will always hit; not to mention without the time control spell, if their weak points are on their back, its near impossible to attack them.. :S
- searching for gargoyles (shooting groups of 10 gave a special reward) was a pain.. as first person view was clunky
- felt like I was stuck to the paths and couldn't 'really' walk where i wanted to.. (oh well, just nitpicking; the game is great lol)

best feature:
rent/profit gained while the game if off! If you own stores/stalls or property, you will get rent every 5 minutes.. EVEN if the game is turned off (if there is a weapon you want but can't afford, don't play for a few days, and presto you have money to buy it).. great great great.. near end game, depending on how you play.. you maybe be getting 5k every 5 minutes.. I was getting that, and owned... less than 20% of the ownable property.. its hard at the beginning to buy big property, but later on, you can go crazy and buy a whole strip of properties (not to mention i actually charged 25% less rent; and could have charged up to 100% more than normal)

did i miss something?
i'm an evil btard.. and there is the temple of shadows which allows me to sacrifice anyone stupid enuf to follow me, includes Monks from the Temple of Light.. i tried to sacrifice children... and unlike their parents.. they didn't follow me to the sacrifice chambers.... heh Lord of the Flies.. towns just filled with kids..

what i want to see in the future:
more doggies; lol; the dog in the game, finds you treasures, shows you where dig spots are (for more treasures; sometimes they are dog treats.. go figure), finishes off baddies that fall to the ground, alerts you when baddies are closeby and makes your trek less lonely overall
haha; i want a dog in whammer to find me tome unlocks! :D

Oh and it changes appearance depending on your alignment..



Hard to find entries when playing the 360 more frequently..

Added Tuff Mudda to blog list...

Visit my friend's new site
Haha, i like The Marketplace the best.. all sorts of deals ;)

I miss Warhammer.. me and Rye had good times :)

I found out that Vortex is FINALLY gonna merge to Volkmar now... took freaking long enough.. to have a higher pop, to keep things flowing and not have dead times.. its too bad my friend has really high lvl Order already on Volkmar(her old guild, money, and lvl 40s), and quite a few high lvls on Vortex (plus my old guild, gear, money)... hard decision..

It was like this:

Puppy! pay attention to me!
Hopefully with this merge, it'll be more like this..


LoTD Unlock

Yes yes.. well a few more before I forget them all..
This one was when I got into the LoTD.. jumped into a hole.. b/c you know.. curious ;)
Came across a skeleton that was interactable and thought, "hey the worst thing is it could spawn a super hard enemy, I die and I go somewhere else." So I clicked on it; it DID spawn a tomb spawn which I easily dispatched and now i'm eligible for a trophy.. pretty good :) No pic of the trophy on my character because....

..I was too busy trying to get this picture (scarab constucts; like little pickup trucks lol) and while dead...

..Order captured Thunder Mountain and was granted access to LoTD and I was transported back to IC (tho that would actually make it easier for me to get the trophy..). Just bored at that time i suppose..


Land of the Dead..

While logging into my squig herder the other day and sending all the nice gear he had accumulated (expect to see 9 high lvl capes on AH soon; lol) to my friend who still plays, I had the opportunity to enter the Land of the Dead.

For those living under a rock, you get your stats boosted to I believe 36.. .. too bad the weakest baddies IS 36.. so its a few hits and you're dead (my squiggie was lvl 26).

I manage to squeeze off a few breathtaking screenshots, and ill be the first to admit, verrrry impressed (at the graphics atleast). There is a blowing cyclone in the desert.. which I tried to run into ;)

Surprisingly this courtyard was very sparsely sprinkled with baddies, I expected ALOT more.

And then quiet like the Mega Raptors/Trex's from WoW, you have this gigantic skeleton walking around.. lvl 40 (or something) LORD.. just waiting to stomp on you ;)

But looking around.. the area isn't actually 'that' big.. and all it seems to have is pq's... thats it.. so once you do the pq's a couple hundred times... you're done.. and i guess you'd go back to the same ol'T4 grindfest.


WCPI Stunty Stomper‏

You have to be f!cking kidding me! I just finished an entry and the damn site didn't save my blog content... Fracking bullshit. Blogger sucks Sh!t.

Seriously; i'm going to stop this nonsense and just create a new acct on xanga if this happens anymore.

Soooo.... visit Stunty Stomper's site as:

-it updates frequently
- has nice pics (keeps my attention)
- has actual gameplay news/info instead of their own going ons (which isn't bad, but isn't as interesting a read: entertain me!)

The other day, i sent to my friend who is still playing (as i've stopped unfortunately[left for dead and castle crashers is occupying my time]) all my launch sorc's wealth 800+g, 10 black dyes, 160+ cultivated items ranging from potion multipliers, duration increasers, high lvl plants and high lvl stabilizers.. the new bag system DID actually help and its sad that i'm not playing anymore, but that looks to be very helpful and actually frees up alot more bag space :)

Unfortunately i can't say the same for the trade skill apothecary; I attempted to make some of my billion dye pigments (from special moments in cultivation) into actual dyes for her, but the new system (unless it's glitched), requires you to constantly add the main ingredient.. there is no more 'retry/rebrew'.. sucky. Time sink.. I hope to see for WAR in the future a different/improved crafting system, but in apothecary in particular, a more intuitive system, and more dye pigment options as the same old is boring.

I totally look forward to my next mmo addiction; my brother is looking forward to Champions Online... i don't think ill be convinced as never was into the super hero mmo; BUT i want to get the new Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 game for the 360 when it comes out (hopefully this fall?)... totally played that game's brains out (gooo spiderwoman and your cheap beam attack!)

My friend Patty is looking forward to the new Star Wars mmo.. i must admit the teaser trailer looks siiiiick.. but besides KoToR.. i'm not the hugest fan of futuristic games.. its funny that Gears of War.. is set in the future but they don't have energy weapons.. all bullet based. What i loved about Mass Effect was (obviously far far FAR in the future), but there was unlimited ammo; just need to manage heat, which i think is way better.



Maybe it was the fact that i was using the launcher of the beta instead of the full game, but I never really found the music to WAR was as good as it was hyped. They had a full podcast one month (maybe it was a slow month with no news).
Imagine having music like this? (the vid kinda sucks, but the music would be good for Order)

When I used to play Ultima Online, I used to have in the background Dot Hack playing.. great times :D Have a great long weekend American buddies!