New Look!

Hey all

Sorry for the delay, been on vacation for the past week and was at the cottage most of the time.. it didn't stop the gaming tho ;) Oh, I hope you like the layout now.. it looks better on my screen atleast, lol. Had to tinker with the actual coding to get it to stretch.

I've been mostly been playing this:

Fable 2:
- still love how you can buy almost every property in the game and even when the game is off, you get rent money from them; currently my character gets 10k (seriously) per 5 minutes.. its sick
- I won it as a Good&Pure character, saving/ressing the Albion populace
- this time, i'm Evil but Pure... its an odd combination.. normally if i had normal purity, i'd have white skin (think the sith), but the purity gives me a blue tinged skin.. weird

Gears of War 2

I used to hate this game when I was at friend's place; how boring...
Until you have your own acct, play online coop campaign mode OR better Horde. I know it sounds noobish ("Gears 2 is soooo last year" lol), but i've been a pure PC gamer before and never touched console games.

I dislike... scratch that.. HATE the original heatset that comes with the 360 console.
Hence I bought this:

The Turtle Beach X1 (wired; X3: wireless) headset.
- compatible with the 360 OR PC via usb port
- don't listen to the Best Buy guys (sorry), the wires that the X1 comes with IS long enough (i think like 14 feet; heck i keep 50%+ of the cords tied up)
- as you can see, it covers both ears and you get both voice and sound music
- ranges from 59.99$ (sale) to 79.99$ Canadian
- no batteries needed b/c it connects to the system via usb

- its freaking amazing
- i can hear everything, (adjusting sound and voice separately via manual scrollers)
- I can hear where monsters are now (behind, left or right)
- it doesn't hurt your ears/head; my old PC headset hurt like a b!tch; and only after half an hour; take my advice, I work at a callcenter and take calls for 8 hrs of the day, this is a good headset :)

Finally, last night my brother bought this game (yes yes, old, and the new one is coming out soon)
Marvel Ultimate Alliance

What more to say? Be the hero of your choice. Get the villians.
Build your charge meter to release super attacks.
Gain lvls and get different skills. (my fave: Ironman's aoe! taptaptaptaptaptap... rinse repeat)
Only drawback: You can only have 4 special moves via skill wheel at one time. So knowing what you want to use when is important.

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