Easy Mode

My brother's friend's 360 gave the red ring of death the other day and while it'll take forever to get it fixed, he started playing WoW. *gasp* At which point my brother and the rest of his friends followed.

"I will never play WoW again."

Lol; I told Jaggy and Capo that.. i think quite a few times when they took it up again.

I can't say I don't have anything against them, b/c i do.
I was watching my brother play, and he wasn't even playing that long and he already had a mount.. at 31.. "31 is the new 40." I hate games where they make the game purposely easy to get to max lvl b/c they keep raising the lvl cap. I don't really need fluff(little pets), nor like grinding as one's own means to lvl. I hated collector quests ("get those bear paws that only falls off every 5-10 bears"), whether they changed it or not.

Maybe it was Barrens chat that was filled with little kiddies making Chuck Norris jokes the whole time
/leave general chat 1
/leave trade chat 1

I didn't like how at the end, it was just dueling, grinding for purples(which by the way were freaking hard), or spending 3-4 hours doing dungeon raids which usually resulted in nothing gained.

Or maybe its just b/c you play a game so much that eventually you just get sick of it. How many hours have we played WAR/WoW? lol Too many.

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