Flawed System?

If Mythic did anything right, it was the Tome of Knowledge.
Can anyone agree with that?
It tracks everything you do, every little thing there is a reward and gets increasingly harder to achieve the next level.
They reward you for finding special things and putting time into it. Its all for your own personal glory, and nothing is 'that' special that everyone will seek it as well. If you don't want to, you don't have to do it. You're not stupid if you don't want lots of unlocks.

Now the achievement on the 360 system I personally don't like it.
You want to have a high score compared to other people and you always can see how many points they have; its not something you guess that they have alot of.
Case in point:

I bought Loderunner on xbox live yesterday. I used to play the computer version AGES ago on my uncle's computer.. it was really fun. I found that I was so obsessed with getting achievements that I wasn't having fun. I was getting really far in the game, but no achievements.
If there wasn't any achievements, I would be having tons of fun, killing baddies, getting gold, completing complex puzzles.
Instead I spent my time distraught that I only got 2 of 12 very hard unlocks [ie. get all the gold off enemies you trap... meaning you can't touch any of them and are blocked from most of the map]

Sometimes the achievements come from just doing what you're doing. Sometimes they're really freaking hard to get; you gotta time it perfectly.
And you dont' get anything with these points. Couldn't you use it to get additional games or map packs or it translates into microsoft points?
Worst thing is, just because they have a low amount of achievements, doesn't mean that they suck. The may be leet, but just don't play every single game that comes out.

I tip my hat to you Mythic on your Tome of Knowledge; be proud. You got something right.

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