I feel bad not blogging, but it was mainly for WAR, and now that I don't play it, its hard to be motivated to write about it. It sounds like some of the changes have made the game even better than before. I'm also not as talented as people like Overly Positive, being able to write about other gaming news. So I'll leave it with this last entry, and once fall begins with the slew of games, ill post some entries with greater frequency. Take a look at gametrailers, there are trailers for most of these games.

Keep it up tho everyone, I continue to read everyone's blog that are on my list while waiting for my shift to end at work ;)
I intend on keeping it the same, reviews, ideas, pictures (somehow being 360) and achievements.

I'm currently awaiting:

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2- Sept 15th

Borderlands - Oct 20th
- fps with experience! (think Huxley, i suppose), with randomly generated lvls, questing system, and a software that generations millions (yes) of types of guns
- unless totally screwed up, i think this will occupy a TON of time

Dragon age -
Nov 3rd
- fantasy rpg, hailed the spiritual successor of Baldur's Gate
- i'm guess atleast 3 playthroughs (already on my fouth playthrough in fable2)

Modern Warfare 2-
Nov 10th
- countless slaughtered (stabby stabby!)online.. but lets see how good i am on a console shooter

Left for Dead 2 -
Nov 17th
- brainnnnssss

Mass Effect 2- Early 2010
- futuristic third person view action rpg, will take the decisions made from the first game affect things in the second
- the first 360 game I ever played all the way through without losing interest

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