Not bad 44/50

I just finally finished Borderlands with my buddy Capo today; its been over 2 months since i've first got it, and i'd have a lvl 50 by now, but I love multiplayer and no one has Borderlands.. my buddy, my brother .. and thats it. Online, atleast over a month ago, it was easy to find a game, but it was laggy.

It makes sense for boss fights to have larger and larger bosses.

- the different kind of graphics for the game; more of a comic book feel

- the gazillion guns, Gearbox wasn't kidding, there are tons of guns

- unique characters to play

- fast travel and cars; who doesn't love making bandits and monsters roadkill?

- cheap ammo; b/c no one likes running out of it

- cheap respecs; like 1% of your cash
- vending machines of ammo/health/weapons; especially the time limited deals

- monsters spawn from the ground, and humanoids spawn from doors; it makes sense

- it is challenging; you can't always go gun blazing, but be methodical
- playing with friends, especially 4 players is amazing

- the map; cumbersome and no mini map.. what game doesn't have a mini map these days??

- quest tracker; only able to track one at a time beh

- hard to solo and not much fun alone

- buggy rockets; splash damage doesn't always work, and rockets don't always hit monsters, but fly through them

Replayability: medium - only if you have friends to play with, you can make the game last; if it wasn't for my buddy, and he's a hardcore gamer, I would not have finished the game or picked up the game anymore.


Lets talk about Modern Warfare 2 now...

Approximately: lvl 38ish
Recently acquired: tactical knife for pistol
Recently loving: tactical knife for pistol
Weapon of choice in match of 40 kills: tactical knife for pistol

Lol; it all stemmed from one deathmatch in the Estate map (the one with a cottage at the top of a hill and it's backyard has a greenhouse. There was an enemy that knifed 3 of us in 2 seconds. Normally you melee, wait 2 seconds and melee again. The tactical knife allows you to knife very fast.

Current Setup

Primary Weapon: Silenced P90
Secondary Weapon: USP .45 with tactical knife attachment
Equipment: Semtex (for riot shield guys)
Special grenade: Flash (to blind them = easy stabbing)

Perk 1: Marathon Pro (the running)
Perk 2: Cold Blooded Pro (the sneakiness)
Perk 3: Commando Pro(lunging) or Ninja Pro(Extra sneakiness)

Greatest strength: no one likes getting knifed.. especially by a sneaky person
Greatest weakness: I rather knife than shoot.. even if you're facing me; and ill chase you across the map if you don't see me, just to knife you, where its faster to shoot you ;)
My brother was playing on saturday for 8+ hours though and got the Red light of death... freaked the hell out of me; thankfully... my system still works... for now..

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