Dragon's Maze: Burn Baby Burn

Make sure you're going to MTG Daily for new articles and new card reveals for the newest expansion: Dragon's Maze. Today's article reveals an uncommon fused spell, and while at first glance, it looks (honestly) pitiful, the article goes on to show how incredible it is and how it may change the face of tournaments. I absolutely love cards/strategies that counter decks that are overpowered; it makes me remember when my close friend had a very powerful Infect deck and made a green/black elf deck that was purely built to feed on the Infect mechanic. After a few rounds in FFA, he decided he couldnt attack me anymore, for he would just be helping me get stronger!

So you look at this card and think "3 mana to turn something into a 0/1 for 1 turn is kinda weak" and then you say "sure, even if you fuse them together, its like an expensive removal spell." But then you look at the following card:
Cards such as Thragtusk or Boros Reckoner are both HEAVILY used in tournaments and very powerful rares. I'm thankful that my friends don't utilize these kinds of cards too much.. except one (Brown Magic!) person. But a card like Turn & Burn, not only sounds cool, but is flexible and gets rid of these powerful cards without their secondary effect triggering.

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