Dragon's Maze: Savage Milling

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Talking about exciting cards... I absolutely LOVE what Wizards have done with Fuse cards.. the rares tend to require 3 colors, but boy are they cool when used together!

Breaking is a fantastic mill card on it's own, but coupled with Entering, you can get some pretty devastating monsters to use against their master! Looks like Dimir and Rakdos are working together...

I'm not particularly a fan of hydras.. mostly b/c I'm not lucky enough to get them in boosters.. but this one is pretty cool; constantly getting bigger whenever you have extra mana. I don't particularly like relying on one card to win a game, but a few of them working together. Cards like Savageborn Hydra are incredibly powerful, but can be mindcontrolled or removed easily.

They always tend to be mythics as well. Very Gruul feel to it tho. *tip of the hat*

I absolutely love how Wizards have implemented milling in Return to Ravnica; I never liked the straight "mill x  card", and love cards like this one:

It brings a bit of danger to the match, for you 'could' mill a minimum of 4 cards if you're unlucky.. or you can mill half a person's deck. It could go either way. We demand MOAR Dimir goodness!

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