Enter the Dragon deck

And here is my second favorite, but possibly most powerful deck.. one that doesn't get too much action, but is a better representation of the kind of enchantment player that I am. This deck requires my opponents to have many disenchants, otherwise once they get out, they have a huge impact on the game.

Lurking Predators is one of my favorite enchantments, coupled with Where Ancients Tread, my opponents damn themselves when they cast spells, to have me pull dragon after dragon, with the typical power 5 or greater which results in 5 free damage.

If that wasn't enough, I have a few Crucible of Fires which can really make my already powerful dragons even scarier.

Enchantments like Bower Passage is just a bit of overkill, making my dragons basically unblockable.. except for those that have reach (very infrequent). The trick is, to hope your opponents have few disenchants or to waste it on other opponent's enchantments.

This is one of my favorite cards, that I think I fail to thank my girl friend's brother in law, Ryusei, the Falling Star, always tends to make my opponents blink twice, stop them from attacking me or grind the game to a stop all-together. One big bomb just ticking. 
 Hit him! I dare you!
Opponents will laugh when they take down Ryusei.. but then I'll pull out one of two (due to sheer luck of boosters) mythic rare dragons such as Thundermaw Hellkite... equipped with one or two Crucibles.. game over.

There are obvious weaknesses to this deck.. its not fast (altho I have added cards to help me last) and if you have ways to weaken fliers, then you're set, especially if I don't draw enough lands. Best in a multi-player setting, give me enough time to draw 6+ mana and it'll be very hard to stop the dragon legion! Also, I didn't really reveal the cards, but this deck eats artifacts for breakfast.. om nom nom.