Planeswalker Analysis 1: Kraken

I have been playing GW2 on and off whenever I can, totally enjoying WvW with the lack of culling (although replaced by lag in huge fights, which is to be expected), ready for new rounds of spvp (scenarios)with my new phantasm build for my mesmer and getting in a bit of map exploration and T6 mat grinding with my girlfriend.  Although it is thoroughly enjoyable (hats off to Arenanet by the way), I don't feel like there is anything particularly interesting to write about. So I thought it might be a nice exercise to write about the decks that i've built for Magic: The Gathering, to show the type of player that I am.

This first deck, is one of my oldest and (thus) favorite, besides my Dragon deck. The Kraken deck was originally stacked with countless enchantments, but over time, i've changed it to be more of a combo-type deck. A 60-card deck, built to be a multi-player deck, rather than a duel deck, it gets increasingly stronger at end game.

A mostly blue-green deck, it has a splash of red for one card in particular that you'll see later. It has one of my favorite enchantments which allow me to use my incredibly powerful creatures a second time:

I like using Back from the Brink so that I don't feel so bad having incredibly strong creatures such as:
I've played quite a few games where when i've been able to protect this creature, the game comes to a grinding halt and my opponents are not able to do anything at all, but watch me sweep over them.

The main strategy of this deck is to use vast amounts of mana to destroy my opponents with one timely card. I try to get all my mana out with Boundless Realms.

Typically, if you can get this card played on turn 7 (or earlier), and cast it again, all your mana will be out and everything else are spells or massive creatures.. which will eventually lead to the following cards:
 The reason for the splash of red...basically.
Imagine doing 24 direct damage to a player.. or making them mill 24 cards late in the game.. pretty devastating. My type of playstyle, high risk (a simple counter will make me cry), but high reward.

Stay tuned later this week for a look into my second favorite (although possibly most powerful) deck: Dragons.

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