Dragon's Maze Spoiler: Melek, Izzet Paragon and Fused Mechanic

I'll give props to the people at Wizards to continually improve upon themselves and produce better products. That includes better ways to navigate their website and find the information that their visitors crave. One of the things that they implemented recently is having this banner on the main screen of the Daily MTG screen.

Basically directing you to the page with all the information of the newest expansion/block for MTG.

After reading a few articles from Daily MTG, I recognize and agree with the issue development encountered with Dragon's Maze: a small set of cards (145 vs 300+) and needing to accommodate enough cards for 10 guilds. Basically, there will be less than 14 cards that would be exclusively used by one guild. I do look forward to the DM to see what cards they will reveal including:

Very cool; a cat weird.. kinda like Ajani. Would have never have thought of a Weird to be a champion for Izzet, much less a guild. Basically, one extra card in your hand.. and an extra card to be played. This can result in needing less of a certain card, playing it more and having greater variety in one's deck. A good reason to make a blue red deck... oh wait.. ;)

When I saw this card, I thought "oh no.. I can't believe they made this" (in a bad way) b/c it made me think of cards like Callow Jushi. Less room for the art.. needing to look upside down... usually complicated.. didn't like it at all.

Then it made me think of my most hated part of the Innistrad block: Werewolves. YUCK. Needing to have a checklist card instead of the actual card made it very annoying for players that use card protectors. Then having to set aside the cards. Although no one ever asked to sneak a peek at what cards you have set aside, a player with good observation would know you're using two sided cards and may switch decks accordingly.

When looking at fused cards, I saw what it brought to the table: flexibility. Especially if you utilized both (all)types of mana, you could cast half of the spell in the early stages of the game, while fusing the spells at end game to have a more powerful effect. The love cards that are useful both in early and end game. The two cards that they've revealed so far with Fuse, seem to work hand in hand. I am excited to see some rare versions of the mechanic.. altho we may only see 2 of those at the most (i'm guessing they'll make a red/blue and blue/black/red rare fused spell) due to the number of cards that can be created.

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