Definition: noun. irrepressible urge to wander or travel

Found: Marsh of Madness ORvR Area Coords: 29k, 29k
Found on the left side of the keep (if you are looking at the front door), on a pile of debris.

Reward: Pocket Item: Emergency Mushroom, where when you activate, it gets tossed in the air and showers some green gas around. mmm.. good!

So lets talk about 2 thing today.

Name Definition
1. Thank you Grimnir for the wcpi entry; much appreciated! One thing tho; I guess in re-reading my entry of "Leslie Rocks" i was a bit vague of who Leslie actually is and having a pseudo name of Wanderlust implies a girl.... /thinking... ....thinking... Dammit (and everyone blushes). Heh. She's my talented friend who hates WoW/WAR as it distracts her bf many many many hours a day. lol But she's still willing to make me a kick @ss banner. I'm glad that you enjoy the entries all =)

2. Mods
I've played many many MMO's and there hasn't been too many prolific mods except recently for WoW and WAR. I've never really 'resorted' to them as I'm lazy, and I don't want to spend the time having to do any special to get it to work. WAR is the first experience i've had in installing and loving mods. I find its very easy; go to a mod site, the only one i know of right now is Curse.com. Install it using the curse client, or download the file; unzip it to the add-on folder, log in, and voila! Its ready! And with a few modifications to the UI, you can move it to wherever you like.

With the recent patch to WAR, it seems alot easier to have mods (i personally use a cultivation one and a tome titan one) as you can have templates for your individual character, so some have certain mods, while other characters have others. So if my blackguard wasn't a cultivator, I wouldn't need to hide the window or have it as wasted space.
Anyways; keep finding those unlocks!


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