Memories of a Healer

Thanks to Syp at Biobreak.. a blog on healers and healing.. b/c everyone it seems like that is this week's theme ;)

A healer will always remember who you are.. even if we're not dwarves, we have our own book of grudges
I just remember my gf and I playing healers (her a zealot and me a dok), in warbands and when the lame tanks or over-agressive dps complained about the healing, I would simple say in WB chat "Okay, joesomebody, i'm not healing you anymore." Instantly the mood changed in the WB and everyone was urging that whiner to appologize and for us to keep healing.

Other WB fun times had a complaining dps, in which I let die.. and then proceeded to jump on the corpse and wished it was WoW to be able to sit on it.

Mannn i miss WAR.. good times..

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