Is it Friday Yet?

Had to remove some bloggers today from teh blogroll; I don't understand, nor like it. You blog so frequently and then just one day you stop entirely. No word of warning or anything. Just silence and we never hear anything again. I know you don't have to nor are obligated to, but it would be nice to say bye. Just like in mmo's.. my friends tend be hardcore and play 5+ hours a day, every day and one day just stop playing and don't even let you know that they're done.

/le sigh


Instead of playing Puzzle Quest 2 at work during the night shift, I found some pin-up art on io9.com. Very cool stuff. Take a look.



Happy Canada Day for my fellow Canadian bloggers.. ill be working unfortunately.. my work affects the US.. so also Happy 4th of July american bloggers =)


  1. It's life man. Things come up. I know I have disappeared for months one one occasion (even though I was forced to by work policies). But that's life. And life comes at you fast!

  2. I suppose; I guess if something happens to me, ill give word of warning =)