Wakfu: Beta Impressions

Lets first talk about the Things I like about Wakfu, b/c it is easy to complain but harder to praise.

Rich lore detail in some areas
- whenever you want to learn a new profession (gathering/crafting), you are given a book that teaches you about how the skill works. To be able to use that skill though, you must first be tested on it via multiple choice. Getting even one wrong will result in failure and requires you to redo the test. 
- when you do pass and get the skill, you can access that book again (incase you just did trial and error) through the skill screen

Combat Strategy 
- no longer a spam-fest, its important to take note of monster's weaknesses and eliminate monsters as fast as possible, especially if they're buffed

Changing environment
- (nearly) all resources can be grown, harvested, replanted or eliminated. I can't remember the last mmo that looked different the next time you logged in. Per prior screenshots, if you cut down a tree for lumber, if no one else plants a new one, it stays gone forever. 

Anime Theme
- some will hate it, especially the cutesy stuff, but if you like animes, the graphics and characters are really funny. Like even right at the beginning, there is a fat cat that guards a trapdoor from heaven to the earth. If you stay around and pay attention, he meows and periodically passes gas and you see he is very embarrassed by it.

Things that require improvement...

No Vendors

- at all. So.. no more selling trash items. It feels very weird to not have money in the early parts of the game. The entire economy is a player economy, one that I haven't witnessed and truly hope it will be effective.

Cursor Tooltip needs improvement
- it needs to pull up the information a bit faster, for cases when you target an enemy mob, it takes a while for the tooltip to come up and see how many is in the group. Sometimes by time it pulls up, they've moved and you cannot attack them yet
- same thing with combat; the tooltip info comes up far too slowly (if at all), and when you target a creature in the initiative bar, it doesn't show you which one you targeted on the battlefield (makes it confusing when you're fighting similar-looking mobs)

Limited information in some areas
- I attribute this b/c this is a sandbox game, but I really miss the WoW guards. I don't know where any crafting stations are and as a result spend alot of frustrating minutes running around. Worst thing is, I sometimes still can't find the crafting station.

Perpetual Darkness
- there is a day and night cycle in the game, and I think it follows actual day and night in real life. Unfortunately, whenever I log in, its at night, meaning i'm playing during the night in the game. I've yet to seen what it looks like during the daytime. This would be a bigger disadvantage if certain events/mob spawns during the time of day that i'm not on.

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  1. My fave animation screen?....when my char freaks out because I've leveled. hehehe.

    Fat kitty kitty farting sooo much. Must be really stinky if his gas comes out green:P hehehe