Card Hunting

It has been far too long since i've last made an entry; i'd like to say i'm busy ... and I kinda am. Being on a new shift had me thinking i'd get more done and I think I'm getting less done actually. I'm glad that i'm able to get more photography in per below:

The end of Canada Day Weekend Fireworks.

Extreme Dunk show with participant

A paid gig for a kid's birthday.

I've been playing a few games; Borderlands 2 new dlc with the newest character, Krieg. I think the character is interesting... high risk, high reward.. but mostly meh. I think my favorite class is still Zero the Assassin. I don't believe the new class is worth the money fyi, altho the new dlc is totally worth it (Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep); the music is great, extremely funny and good storyline.

I got into the Cardhunter beta; if you enjoy D&D and Magic: The Gathering, THIS is your game. It plays like D&D but your skills/attacks/movement is based off your card hand. Your 'deck' is based off what you equip your characters with (think: Guild Wars 2 with the weapons and skills, except way more variety). Its pretty addictive.. but has a slight Facebook-game feel.. which is kinda a negative to me, b/c it plays within your browser instead of it's own program. The plus side to that is that it is easier to multitask and play it.

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