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So! The vacation is over. Work starts in a few hours. I'm sorta relaxed; atleast more than 2 weeks ago.

I was originally playing DDO and having a blast with my friend Capo.. he had his melee cleric and I had my ranged rogue. Later I created a beast of a fighter and cut down baddies by the dozens. But then Capo started playing many other different games (you should have seen his collection when we both worked at EB Games).. tried a different mmo called Shin Megami Tensei and he stopped altogether. It didn't make much sense since he spent alot of money in the cashshop for Turbine Points and didn't use it all up, but I suppose it'll wait there until he comes back.
I was a bit upset that I didn't have a friend to play with and didn't really want to pug, even with guildies and their flying airship. I spent only about 20$ buying enough points for the Drow race and the Favored Soul (high mana cleric/healer).. and the game lasted 2 months.. and I could come back to it if I ever wanted. So its not that bad.

I bought Torchlight (as well as the X-Com bundle) on Steam most recently; X-Com brought back memories of researching like crazy, being unable to repulse the aliens, world governments cutting back funding and an eventual invasion of my base. On my first try after last playing it over 10 years ago, I won the first mission.... only to have Steam crash, causing my game to crash. Fyi, there was no auto save 10 years ago. I tried it one more time, but found the graphics and game far too old to play again... atleast for right now. I really hope in the future they make a new X-Com with updated graphics, storyline, research trees etc etc. Yes yes, there is the new X-Com game... but that looks like it was set in the 70s and its FPS.

My gf was able to get ahold of my Torchlight anddddd loves it. And now I can't really play, but thats alright. You read all the reviews, yes, its a good game, exactly like Diablo 2 but with some differences, and missing multiplayer. Per my last entry, Torchlight 2 is in development with added multiplayer.

At the start of September i'll list out the games i'm looking forward to that should be releasing; there is still nothing in August (game-wise) worth talking about.

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