Back from a relaxing vacay; I was intending on writing some entries on Monday, but there are too much good vids and links:

A new Heroes of Might and Magic....
Can't wait.. I need more turn-based strategy games!

Cosplay fix

I purchased Torchlight via Steam a few weeks ago.
So freaking addictive; just like Diablo 2.. but better.

And just like the vid says, the thing that was missing that would have made this game the next Diablo.. or until Diablo 3 would come out, was: Multiplayer.

I just can't do it; I can't play Dragon Age: Origins for a second full playthrough. I finished the core game with my female evil rogue.. and have an aoe mage 3/4 of the way.. but I just can't do it again.

In case you can't view it.. go here

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