FF Rest System Positives

Since i'm home sick with infinite throat phlem (tmi) and periodic coughs which won't allow me to take calls at work, I'll do an entry instead.

Lets talk about the FF14 Online Rest system.

The basic premise which is causing the public furor is that after 8 hours A WEEK the experience gain decreases, thus penalizing players from playing in excess and what seems to cater to casuals.

One of the very few reasons the developers could have been thinking this would be a good thing:
1. A longer climb to max level, meaning more play required, meaning people will play for longer and 'more' money for them through subscriptions.
//i'm not saying this is a right train of thought, just a possibility//

2. Trying to address the difference between casuals and hardcore and bring closer parity between the two.

Are either the right reasons for such an approach? No.

I personally like it; for one reason: If a game is amazing, i'll get addicted and can't stop myself from playing. In this way, i'd be 'better' able AND motivated to stop at a certain amt of gaming to be able to concentrate on other more important RL activities as I like to maximize the efficiency of anything I do.

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