September Wishlist

I'm looking on various sites, and i've only seen two games i'm interested in getting this coming month:

Halo Reach - Sept 14th 2010
I've only watched cinematics and very few actual gameplay trailers; I really only want to get this game b/c (1)there seems to be so much hype, (2) that my best friend and alot of people will be playing it, (3) maybe it was interesting like Halo ODST... but thats basically it. I haven't read much on it, but I think its probably pretty similar compared to other Halo games.

Civilization 5 - September 21st 2010
REALLY looking forward to this one. I can't remember that last turn-based strategy game that I was excited for besides Heroes of Might and Magic. I've played Civ4 when my computer would crash whenever I'd make a monument, the original nearly 10+ years ago on my father's friend's son's pc and I dabbled with Civilization: Alpha Centauri and even have the book. I wish I had one to practice before the new one comes out.

Am I missing anything?
What are you looking forward to this month?


One thing I loved about DDO was the ability to grab onto ledges.

In most mmo games, developers probably remove this ability as it would break the game b/c it would allow players to get to inaccessible areas. In DDO it makes a big difference; for example, you thought it would be a good idea to explore the water in the docks area of the main city and found there was nothing there. You swim towards shore only to find only one access to the docks but its a good 2 minutes away. In a normal mmo, it would be a chore to have to swim all the way to that access. Instead in DDO, a character with some jump skill, is able to jump and climb up and onto the dock. Time saved. No longer are your arms only useful for holding weapons and shields.

Its a good thing.

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