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I pose a question, does a mmo developer bring out more than one title b/c the other's aren't as successful, or b/c they want to capitalize on as many niches as possible?

You've got Cryptic who just announced they're working on a D&D: Neverwinter Nights mmo, when they already have their Champions Online and Star Trek Online games which wasn't as popular as they expected. And then you've got ArenaNet that has for the longest time only concentrated on Guild Wars and are currently creating GW2.

Blizzard has WoW obviously and is so successful they just need to bring out expansions every year... for now; and they're technically linked with Activision which owns Mythic/Bioware which is working on Warhammer Online. Mythic techincally does have UO and DAoC, but I think its different b/c those are very old games.

I hope the Cryptic's Neverwinter Nights mmo is an amazing success, and i'll try to get into the beta and do alot of research on it, but with Cryptic's current track record, I don't think this will be good for the series. Stick with one major title, develop it, grow it, maintain it. Don't spread resources, talent and time on many different projects/mmos otherwise you're just stuck with alot of so-so games and unsatisfied customers.


cosplay from Gamescon.

And an even hotter
cosplay model.

Lastly, if you can stop staring...FanExpo this weekend in Toronto; ill be there Saturday!

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