What i'd like to see in ...

a future mmo.

A wilderness area that is so far away from civilization, that you need to build a camp (similar to UO) to log out. This wilderness may contain something grand, it may not. It needs to be a good 30 min run without stop to get there. For a long time, there may be nothing but trees, or endless expanse.. but it has to be out of the way. WoW had some areas like this like Azshara, but is cheapened (people would argue: "accessible") by the fact that they had flightpaths. Warhammer Online had easter eggs usually in untravelled areas such as Lairs. The creation of recall stone, flight paths and teleporters, has made the mmo world a much smaller place. No longer does one have to plan a trip to a certain area in great detail as it will take quite a while to get there. We just go to the city and there normally is some sort of quick travel option that gets us there in a blink with no danger. It will not take a half hour, or an hour of pure trekking to get there. There are normally large towns every 10 minutes, logically placed too, incase you want to do something there or log off.

I like in Torchlight how you have the option of using your pet to take your extra goods back to town to sell everything for you and depending on how deep you are, the longer it will take. I don't remember which game implemented this, but I think merchants should only buy good from you if it's in their line of business. And if it isn't, then they either don't take the goods or buy it at a reduced amount.

I also like the idea of wandering merchants in Torchlight. They're very few and far between, but they are a god-send, as you don't constantly need to send your pet away and can possibly buy some helpful items from them. If implemented in a new mmo, i'd like to see either friendly wandering npcs vendors, weak attackable but empty npc merchants, or semi-powerful attackable npc merchants with ok loot (similar to Fallout 3). Once again though, they are found far in the wilderness, have slightly higher prices, possibly unique gear, and far and few between.

Ugh. Palin and Tea Party-ers scare me for a future America. I'll stay in Canada thanks.

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