Rift Saga - Battle for Eliam Fields

The story continues with Alseides, an Ascended sent to the past to use technology to defeat Regulos...

After departing the Ark of the Ascended, and assisting the good people of King's Retreat, he found himself helping those at the Eliam Fields.

To gain favor with Regulos, the Endless Court cultists were attacking the areas of Freemarch. They not only ambushed and attacked scouts, they would steal technology of the Defiants for their own nefarious purposes.

Technology did have their own side-effects; Alseides had the unpleasant job of killing the local wildlife that was mutated by such technology.

He later was tasked to defeat and obtain cultist insignia's which seemed to fuel their necromantic powers which was given to them by some unknown benefactor.


We may complain that mmo's these days are weak in regards to the storyline, but we're more concerned about the rewards we get for the time we put in. Even with my character that I try to read the storyline, I find myself just picking up all the quests as fast as I can, and progressing instead of enjoying everything around me.

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