Rift Random Thoughts

I've been having ALOT of fun with Rift these days... alot of addictive-mmo-playing fun.. which is a nice change to boredom and waiting for the next big thing.

One thing i've noticed these days is on the Faeblight server....

... there is alot of world chat going on. As an RP-PVE server, people tend to be more bubbly and emote more, which is nice, tho it does make for a big wall of nonsense that I don't particularly pay attention to/read. Its nice though, it seems like there is a better community in this RP server, but then there is...

..very little raid chat.
When people join up together to form a raid for Rifts, it goes quiet; no one says anything, there is no leadership, everyone just attacks, attacks, attacks and when the rift is done, everyone disbands. There is no "good job everyone" or "nice rift" or even "thanks for the timely heals".. everyone is all business... or maybe they're all asian gold farmers. lol. I haven't done the first dungeon (Iron Tombs) or any pvp scenarios yet.. which i'd hope has more communication.
On launch day (i didn't do the headstart), there was quite a bit of people kind of spamming the world chat for guild recruitment. Now its..

Pew pew pew!

..almost non-existant guild recruiting. I see maybe half the people I encounter in the teen levels to be guilded and haven't seen any recruitment on the world channel. It makes me wonder whether there is a special channel i'm not connected to, or something i'm missing once again. I didn't find much info on whether there is guild experience/levels, but i'm guess not, otherwise i'd imagine there would be a greater urgency to get more people guilded.
I have a question that i'll pose here and ill rely on the more experienced crowd to answer this. One of my characters has hit lvl 14ish and has been to the Defiant (capital?) city of Meridian and there are quest givers associated with my mage class (but not ones that picked as my 3 souls) that give specific quests in regards to rifts. When I select that quest, it prevents me from accepting other quests from other mage npcs. My reward is of that soul which I don't have right now.

What will happen if I complete this quest?
Will I get to insert that soul and switch when necessary/on the fly and how? (I read alot about more flexibility but just that fact)
In regards to invasions in Rift.. I normally end up protecting a town , but never end up going to a rift source. Are we just supposed to defend the town from being taken over, or are we also supposed to go to rifts and there will be monsters we can defeat and actually close them, like normal non-invasion rifts? (once again this stems from my inexperience; highest lvl is 15)
I did try respeccing my souls, and as a level 15, it only cost me one gold piece. To respecc again, it didn't cost more, and I read elsewhere that it all depends on your level (i REALLY like this).


  1. You will unlock the soul so that it will be accessible if you respec, or for use with your other roles (you can have up to four different roles).
    You can switch roles on the fly out of combat.

  2. These quests are for acquiring the souls you did not choose to start the game. you can only do one at a time. When you complete one you can get the next one until you have all of the souls for your class. The quest is really easy. you get this item that conjures up a corrupted version of the soul you are tring to get and you must kill him or her. To be able to use the item you must be involved in closing a rift which gives you a planar shard.
    Really easy to kill the corrupted soul especially if you activate after the rift, everyone there usually attacks it with you. :)