You're Coin Locked

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Before Trion implemented the Coin Lock for Rift, I was getting annoyed at the in-game mail spam (I'm looking at you "Baidu")and thought about this:

If you can't develop a good mail spam filter.. then charge people for sending just messages.

Trion looks to fix the mail spam with patch 1.02, but I was thinking if it doesn't work as well.. if you charged say 50 silver per message with the ability to select something along the lines of "valid mail", the sender would recieve their mail cost back, otherwise you'd get the deposit instead.
This will cause these gold spammers to spend their hard earned cash just to send mail and we get a little spliff for opening their nonsense.

Another alternative taken from the idea of the coin lock is to have a whitelist of who is a valid player and who is a spammer, which will still allow the spammer to send you mail, but at increasingly higher cost of mail.

...Buuuuut the coin lock does seem to be working; no spam yet; tho coin locked twice.. hmmm

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  1. It does work, and players do seem to be quite happy with it so far. Did you happen to play on your account from another location (computer), as that could explain for being coin locked twice.