Just One More..... RIft...

I couldn't stop laughing during this battle; it was incredible how everyone had banded together to protect our town. For the uninitiated, enemy npcs will spawn and start attacking your town; it causes most players to abandon what they're doing to protect against the enemy onslaught. You also get a pretty good reward at the end too.

heh.. its a goooood game. The crafting is fun; the screenshots below show how you can get (from various ways) augments for crafting which make your items more powerful (i've seen that concept from LoTRO).

Click on them; the first one shows different augments, and the second shows an area to put in the augment item.

One shot shows the normal item, the other, shows the augmented item.


  1. I knew about the augments, but haven't used them yet. Instead, I've been runebreaking every one I get for runecrafting mats. I can never have enough! Runecrafting, now that's a profession to get if you're looking to torture yourself! :D

  2. @mmogamerchick - lol; i don't like going into crafting skills that require me to breakdown items ;) results in being poor!