Rift is...

pretty good. And pretty addictive.

Why oh why, would I select this mage staff as a reward if i'm a tank??? Durrr

Some things of note:
- very little lag if any
- nice graphics; the rifts in particular, you can't miss it
- there are ALOT of rifts happening all the time
- there are alot of people that apparently pre-ordered the game; there are two-headed turtle mounts and fairies everywhere
- right now, you cannot mix classes from different archetypes; from the little reading I did on Rift, I had the impression you could mix a class from the tank archetype with say a mage class; but really, you get 3 specialized classes within one archetype
- fighting skills require you to purchase higher ranks a la WoW
- the UI is very snazzy and super customizable tho it needs a better tutorial

How to add another action bar:
Press Esc to bring up the Options Window
Select Settings
Select Action Bars
Select how many action bars you want
Close Window
Select adjust user interface
Use the small window to the left to scale/move the action bar wherever you like/how big you like it
**ill post a picture of how to do this later

- rather high respawn of creatures, atleast in the lowbie areas
- very little drops of magic weapons (only 1 weapon and one armor in 4 hrs of gameplay)
- achievement screen is rather vague on it's use
- typing while other screens (map, user interface editting, etc) are open is a great thing
- concentration on rifts looks like this will work (unlike WAR and their PQs)
- the ability to merge your party easily into a raid for a rift is perfect; tho being able to leave it after and keep your original group would be better
- normal retail buyers have a 20slot bag, while a preorder/CE edition will have a 24 slot bag.. doesn't seem to make a big difference yet; you get 2 4slot bags rather early
- all party members can select their own waypoint
- **knock on wood** no crashing, no glitches.. perfect so far
- no queue to my medium population server: nice :D

Playing as Alseides (Pally/Reaver/Warlord) on the Aedraxis server. Lookout for Jomu as well.. probably be a Chloromancer :) Will try to get to Faeblight to join the rest of the blogging community =)


  1. Some comments about your post:

    "there are two-headed turtle mounts and fairies everywhere"

    two-headed turtles mounts, ok, they are pro-order reward. Faeries, not, sorry, they are druid's pet. Everyone with a faerie is a cleric that have a druid soul.

    "you get 3 specialized classes within one archetype"


    There are 9 souls per archetype (8 pve souls + 1 pvp soul). You can combine 3 souls EACH role. You can have 4 roles.

    You end the tutorial with only 3 souls and one role. At level 13 you start the quests for gain the other 5 pve souls. You buy the pvp souls using pvp currency.

    Your archetype trainer sell the other 3 roles. The price goes up. But at the teens level you will have enough money for buy a second hole. You can set any soul you have to that second role.

    So, at the teens levels (15+) any player can have 2 roles and, possibly, 6 souls set. Each soul will have diferent abilities and teh combination of 3 souls can create an almost infinite number of possible abilities.

    Anyway, with two roles, a rogue can be dps or healer or tank, for example. The player just need make the combination of souls she thinks is the better.

    João Carlos

  2. Hey, the bloggers guild is called Circle of Trust. We're based over at the Multiplaying.net forums.

    I'm Grimnir in-game. Justicar\Shaman\Sentinel